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News Archive
News Archive - November 2007
Jurassic Park 4 - In Brief
Date: Tuesday, November 20, 2007 - 16:31 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: Tyrannosaur

My goal is to make one post here where you get your questions answered about Jurassic Park 4 so you know what's true or false about it here. It's important because a lot of new members and just other people in general, don't know what's going on with the potential fourth installment. So I have taken time to go through things, much like Jurassic Jeff did with his thread (Note: Registration on the board for this section may be required).

A lot of people are determined in saying that Jurassic Park 4 is on it's way out, coming out this summer of 2008, or that the script is completed and ready to go. There's rumors of scripts being leaked, logos being leaked, and other nonsense that is all completely untrue. Why do people go for these things? They want the fourth film and they're gullible - extremely gullible. Let me just say everything you know about JP4 is false and the reason being is that nothing is confirmed as there has been NO press release to date as of yet. No press release, means no logo, means no story - it's as simple as that. The problem is that Jurassic Park 4 production is not going anywhere anytime soon due to numerous factors right now, considering the climate in Hollywood right now with the WGA (Writers Guild of America) strike that's transpiring and also due to the fact Jurassic Park 4 is in what people call "Development Hell".

I've been actively involved in the Jurassic Park online fan community for nearly a decade and I am using my experience in knowing what happened before the third film here. I'm basically doing this post to share my expertise on the subject of what you should look for if Jurassic Park 4 was actually around the corner. I've been a Co-Webmaster on InGenNET in it's final days, after inGenNET I joined the crew at JPDatabase and eventually was a Co-Webmaster (2) there until I resigned to start Jurassic Park Legacy. So I'm not just some amateur fan trying to be a hop-up on a soap box when I say what I am about to say.

If Jurassic Park 4 was "around the corner" - like everybody wants to believe - we would see an official logo launched accompanied by a Press Release over one of the assorted PR wires (Associated Press for example) and Universal would announce it over there "Film Slates". As for the people who say "Oh! We know what the script is!" please, just stop and consider the facts here as nothing is known at this time due to the "hop-scotch" nature of all these news reports, the lack of a press release, the lack of the official logo and the fact that actually what does make it out are *just* rumors. The rumored script was the Sayles script, which was posted on AICN August 17th, 2004. The Sayles script was the infamous story of the "Dinosaurs with Guns" plot. Terrible in it's entirety, but keep in mind it has likely been changed within the last four years due to the numerous new rumors floating around within these last two years. Why else has it changed? Hardly any initial film product matches up originally with it's original piece. Simply because scripts are always changing, story ideas get leaked and the fact the script caused bad press to transpire after it was reviewed.

The only people the fans should listen to right now when it comes to the fourth entry in the franchise are the people in charge of the production. Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg have stated numerous times the fourth film is coming out. When? They don't know. Why? They need to work on Indiana Jones 4 and other assorted projects. What's this mean? Jurassic Park 4 is simply in development hell, not on the top of anybody's priority list, and no one is interested in trudging forward with it in the interim. Will we eventually get a Jurassic Park 4? They state yes, but right now it's all rumors.

So that's what we are left with after seven - almost eight - years of waiting. Don't lose hope in the franchise, in fact this should encourage people to stick around and show off the fact they are fans and are interested in this film series even more. If there is enough active interest we can show Universal, Spielberg, and other companies tied to Jurassic Park merchandising that Jurassic Park is still a popular film series of a much-loved franchise with a large fan base.

New Park Life comic
Date: Sunday, November 18, 2007 - 8:59 AM (Eastern Time)
Author: TyrannosaurusMatt

Hey peeps. Sorry for the slow progress in new news and updates. Just like to point out there is an addition of a new Park Life comic. (2 even, if you haven't already seen the one based on Alan Grant in the aviary.. hehe)

Im sorry the Dilophosaurus related parody hasn't arrived yet. It will come soon. I'll make sure of it :)

See the Park Life comics here.

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