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News Archive
News Archive - March 2008
Jurassic Park: Dino-Trackers, The Animated Series?
Date: Sunday, March 30, 2008 - 16:00 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: Tyrannosaur

Got an announcement today and a nice picture (see to your right). It would seem DIC Entertainment has provided salvation to Jurassic Park Fans as it moves into an animated series set to air in syndication sometime April of next year for a slated 13 episodes. DIC Entertainment is notorious for their popular Saturday morning animation shows providing entertainment and educational ideals to young children everywhere. A confidential insider within DIC Entertainment was kind enough to leak this concept image to us for the animated series. From what we can gather it involves Eric Kirby leading a group of children to rescue Dr. Grant and save the day on his many assorted adventures on InGen's Site B. So far the animated series idea was touched upon before in the franchise's past and this time it seems to have finally gone through.

FCM Restored, with apprehension
Date: Friday, March 28, 2008 - 10:44 AM (Eastern Time)
Author: Tyrannosaur

Due to the recent and attempted theft of the Film-Canon Mod Project with a particularly unsavory member within the fandom attempting to steal the work from it I had since restored the content to the site. I hope we don't have to cross this bridge again and simply put if someone doesn't give you the permission to edit the skins in the first place and/or requests that you speak to them and ask them for permission, the honorable thing is to respect their wishes. We don't do this for money, nor do we intend to. If people wish to donate to the site (the button down at the bottom) then that's their choice, but we do this site and these things of content for our own interest, to make this fandom thrive on. Sadly though when the fandom robs you of this joy - after you have given them so much - you feel, needless to say, relatively upset, angered and lastly betrayed.

We hope others will keep a watchful eye now and urge other people in the community not to be thieves and urge others to better themselves ultimately.

Date: Sunday, March 16, 2008 - 19:18 PM (Eastern Time)
Author: TyrannosaurusMatt

It is due to the unforunate actions of several members of our community who feel they have some RIGHT to steal other people's work. We have decided to stop providing the Film Canon Modification for JPOG for download. I am sorry about this but it's the only possible way to combat the theft of hard work that is shared out with one simple request.

To borrow some of what Tyrannosaur (JPL's creator has said):

"The only reason why the "Don't edit our skins" exist is SIMPLY BECAUSE PEOPLE DO NOT GIVE THE PROPER CREDIT WHERE IT IS MEANT TO BE GIVEN!

Justifying skin-ripping to make something better is NOT right, either way you look at it. We express we don't want someone to edit it, don't edit. It would be like every one of us, doing a mod, and claiming credit for it despite reading the tutorial or asking for help - without giving acknowledgment. I doubt in your readme files you give acknowledgment of the original skin template being from the FCM?"

If you want to read the full extent of Tyrannosaur's anger.. be sure to read the announcement on our forum.

We at JPL strive to provide the JP community with content and submissions and information they can use and find use with and all we ask is that people respect our wishes that credit is given when credit is due, or if we say "please dont use our hard work and claim it as your own" to respect that. LOOK, if you want to make a JPOG skin, you got the original skins that Bluetongue have made yes? The team who made the game are proud of their skins and yes, they would like to see recognition for their talents and we at JPL do give them their credit. Unfortunetly, not everyone gives credit and some people go so far as to say stupid things like.. "Skinning is part of modding... If someone makes a skin, it could be good. GOOD. Not GREAT! Not AWESOME! Not OMG! Now if a MORE ABLE SKINNER comes along and sees the skin, likes the concept or textures and wants to MAKE IT BETTER, they should be able to. And they are, people can edit skins that other people make. The MORE ABLE SKINNER edites the skin so the colours, tones and textures are BETTER. The overall skin looks AWESOME now."

This is an insult. A PURE INSULT to the efforts and hard work our team has spent on over the course of a year and a few months, researching and gaining the right colours and details so that we can make the most accurate JP movie dinosaur skins there is available. This isnt ignorant, arrogant talk.. it's true fact.

Unfortunetly, some individuals think it's a good idea to STEAL our hard work and then think that by changing a few things around they can pass it off as their own. WE AIN'T IDIOTS, WE DO KNOW WHEN SOMEONE HAS TAMPERED WITH OUR OWN WORK.

*sighs* This sort of act, along with the constant fighting and members that come and go attempting to disrupt things....

You people are lucky this website exists. Because... if it wasnt for the immense passion we have for the franchise, I am sure Tyrannosaur would not hestitate to pull the plug on this website. Just because... after all this time, the JP community is still not facing up to it's mistakes and is making all the same stupid mistakes and *sighs* I feel the strain too. Better me saying it then Tyrannosaur. JPL will continue. But you'll lose more priviledges if people dont learn to respect our work.

Thomas Holtz?s Dinosaur Encyclopedia (S/F)
Papo Stegosaurus (S/F)
Jurassic World (Movie)
Mosasaurus Feeding Show (S/F)
Barry (II) (S/F)

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