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News Archive
News Archive - May 2012

15 years of The Lost World

Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 21:46 (Eastern)
Author: Ammonites

Today marks the fifteenth anniversary for the release of "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" which hit theaters on May 23, 1997. In the opening weekend alone it earned more than $90 million, with a total worldwide gross of $615 million during the summer. A larger undertaking than the first Jurassic Park film, two Tyrannosaurus Rex models were made plus several other life size dinosaurs constructed once again by Stan Winston Studios.

Revealing that a second island exists, mathematician Ian Malcolm (played once again my Jeff Goldblum) heads a team to rescue his girlfriend, biologist Sara Harding, from the island and its dangers. Unknown to the rescue team, a large group of hunters was organized when control of InGen was taken from its founder, John Hammond. The two opposing groups meet and must work together in order to escape the island alive.

With a runtime of 129 minutes, "The Lost World" features plenty of dinosaur action and is considered by many to be the best of the trilogy.

Dangerous Games and Jurassic Park 2011 Toyline Pages Online

Date: Sunday, May 6, 2012 - 16:11 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

Between running around on the encyclopedia project, my contributor responsibilities on Jersey Boys Hunt Dinosaurs, and my academic pursuits in college (4.0 GPA, by the way!) I have had little time to keep JPL's sections up-to-date. I made a goal today and I'm quite happy I met that goal to competion! I got the Dangerous Games comic section online (with help from _Veritas_) in addition to information gathered from JPToys for the Jurassic Park 2011 toyline and gallery section that was canceled before it could see the light of day unfortunately. In addition to this I also got the JP: Mobile Game section online as well! Enjoy!

Jurassic Park and Conventions!

Date: Saturday, May 5, 2012 - 10:19 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

We have two, count them, two awesome conventions coming up first and foremost. Jurassic-Con, which is being held June 9th in beautiful Southern California! This is the Con's first year running and they've promised some awesome exhibits. They're going to have everything from fossils to real paleontologists. Some of the highlights of the show will be Jurassic Park, Land Before Time, and even Indiana Jones!

Some of the special guests will include Eric Boardman from Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs! Most you should know that was hosted with Gary Owens and Eric Boardman as a team in the eighties and early nineties. In case you need a refresher here is a trailer of the series.

The convention will also feature The Chiodo Brothers. They will be featured guests along with their creations from the movie Killer Klowns From Outer Space (a staff favorite here on JPL). Jurassic-Con is the event if you're a JP fan that you do not want to miss! Check out Jurassic-Con's main site and their Facebook page! As a bonus I'm going to show the teaser for the convention here. It's hilarious and everyone in the world has the right to enjoy this trailer!

There is also another small bit of info we wanted to release to you all. Yes Jurassic Park Legacy will have a booth set up at the Chicago Comi-Con! We will have more information closer to the con on what we will have and if we will have any giveaways going on there. Be sure to stay tuned!

For those who live in or around the Salt Lake City area in Northern Utah, Jurassic Park Legacy will be represented for the fourth year running in CONduit 22: Time Lords of CONduit. CONduit is Utah's longest running sci-fi/fantasy convention and will be on Memorial Day Weekend, May 25 thru May 27 at the Salt Lake City Raddison Hotel. Guests this year include Tamora Pierce, author guest of honor, and Tim Russ from Star Trek: Voyager. Panels and films will be shown throughout the weekend, as well as gaming, costume contests, workshops and a lot more.

Meet Staff member Ammonites as he hosts the JPL hall table and discusses a panel dedicated to Jurassic Park and other genetics, as well as potentially the largest gathering of JP costumes with the JPL: Wasatch Division costuming group. For information on the convention and more details, visit the official web site.

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