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Jurassic Park Legacy - News Archive
News Archive - June 2005

June 30, 2005

Oviraptor posted on our Message Boards that ComingSoon.Net had an interview with the full-motion dinosaurs creator, Dennis Muren, and he is reportedly "dino'ed out", here's the snippet from the article:
CS!: As far as upcoming projects, do you think you'll work on Jurassic Park 4 or the recently announced Star Wars live action series?

Muren: I wouldn't think so. I'm kind of dino'ed and Star Warsed out. [George Lucas] just told me for the first time like three weeks ago that he's going to do this. I thought now he's finally going to make his own little home movies that he's always wanted to make, his little experimental films. "I do want to do those, but I also have this Star Wars TV thing."
Times look grimmer and grimer for a Jurassic Park IV to be made. You can read the full article here

June 27, 2005

Oh it's been a while without an update, but we're still around. With little news happening we have just had next to nothing to post about. So of course obviously there's some news so we'll get onto it. Jurassic Park is supposed to be on the USA Television Network this Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern, Wedensday at 5 PM Eastern, and on again on Sunday, July 17th at 12 PM. The June 28th showing of Jurassic Park is supposed to include a special sneak preview of War of the Worlds. Be sure to check your cable/satellite listings for the USA Network.

June 14, 2005

Got some great news, Steve Spielberg is on the cover of USA Weekend Magazine's June 19th issue!

In the magazine Spielberg discusses his love of Sci-Fi, his past films and his current film that will open June 29th, War of the Worlds, Spielberg had this to say about directing films:
"What I like directing above all else are movies about history," he says. "Second most fun is science fiction. With sci-fi, the imagination is the storyteller, and as we all know, the imagination is infinite. "
Looks good doesn't it? Be sure to grab your copy from your local newspaper or you can read this wonderful article online at USA Weekend on 6/17/2005 and also make sure you catch War of the Worlds on June 29th!

June 11, 2005

Happy 12th Anniversary to the film that started it all and touched our imaginations:

June 09, 2005

Well, we've finally done it. We've completed the site since we launched in 2003 (Better late than never!). The Character Profiles section is online, finally. Also today I revised the site to work better with lower resolutions. For now though sit back, and enjoy our work. We have a few new features in mind for the future and they are summaries of the novels and a Novel Database that we're quickly working on to finish, how to make your Jurassic Park Toys look more movie canon, video game information for all the JP games, a cutscenes list for the movies, information about the Jurassic Park Comic Book series, plus much more. Be sure to post on our Message Boards, which also got a bit of a make over too, and let us know what new and exciting features you want to see on this great site!

June 08, 2005

News has been slow as of late, thankfully there's a new study in Paleontology right now. Remember the Tyrannosaurus that had the fossilized soft tissue inside of it's bones? Well it's back in the spotlight again, it was so well preserved it was also caught in the act of laying eggs as there is medullary bone inside one of it's calcium layers. Medullary bone is found in birds when they're ready to lay their eggs and is only present then. This proves dinosaurs are indeed very closely related to birds. Make sure you head on over to Yahoo! News to check out the article.

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