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Jurassic Park Explorer - DVD Game

Developer/Publisher/Distributor: Brighterminds Media
Origin: United States
Released: June 2007
Platform: DVD
Control Elements: DVD Player Remote Control
Players: 1-4
ESRB Rating: Everyone

Discover dinosaurs on your journey back to the Lost World! Bring your favorite dinosaurs to life! Featuring clips from all 3 Jurassic Park movies, Jurassic Park Explorer is a DVD game that allows fans to become part of the action. Move your dinosaur around the board to complete DVD activities and bring dinosaurs to life to win the game.

Jurassic Park Explorer features over 300 questions, 7 exciting DVD activities, 25 dinosaurs to recreate, clips from the Jurassic Park movies, and all new 3-D animation that is unparalled in the DVD game industry.

Three levels of difficulty and unique activities including Jungle Maze, Build a Dinosaur, and Bone Dig make this game fun for dinosaur lovers of all ages.

Download the information packet here

The game itself is fun, inventive, and I could see it being challenging as well as a refresher to dinosaur enthusiasts and Jurassic Park fans alike. Plot wise, the game draws interest as you are making a return trip to Isla Sorna to help Jurassic Park scientists bring back the past with various species of dinosaurs. The bestiary of the dinosaurs you can help the Jurassic Park scientists save in this game is that of the bestiary from Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. The CGI in use in this game looks to be on caliber with the CGI used in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis opening movie and looks great - especially the CGI used for the Triceratops. Musically, the game has it's own original score and nothing really musically from the films in the JP trilogy, which is somewhat unfortunate, but the musical score for the game is still a good choice with Safari-driven drum beats and various other jungle-based music that reminds one of visiting lost and unexplored jungles. Sound-effects wise the game is great and has additional sound-effects for dinosaurs not featured in the films. On the notes of game play I can say it's great game to be addicted in playing. The easy and even the expert settings still manages to keep your interest held as you answer questions, use reflexes, memory, and other various important skills to young children and "old kids" alike. The game play is relatively straight-forward, which is good in any game. This game draws interest with its visualizations and challenges and is expected and guaranteed to keep your interest in saving dinosaurs from extinction at an all-time high. The directions are accurately given and easy to follow. As said, this game truly relies on the player's reflexes, memorization capabilities, and their knowledge of the Jurassic Park films and dinosaurs alike so expect to have brain food! To sum it up this game is fun, easy, and addicting even if especially you have fun pulling on knowledge you already know.

I honestly could not ask for a better game, but there are two nagging issues I have with this game sadly. Carcharodontosaurus is misspelled as "Charcharadontosaurus". Secondly, the Allosaurus looks so much like a Tyrannosaurus it would lead potential dinosaur-learners (with no knowledge of dinosaurs) that the animals are both heavily related, when in fact Allosaurus is more closely related to Carcharodontosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus than to ceolurosaurids like Tyrannosaurus. Tyrannosaurus and Allosaurus are both from two very different and distant families and groups. These are just things to be aware of while playing the game that dinosaur enthusiasts will catch and find nagging.

All in all though this is a fun game and it is a great part of the Jurassic Park merchandise.


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