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Jurassic Park Legacy - Fact or Flub Issue 2
Issue 2, The Rex Rotunda Rescue
The Rex Rotunda Rescue has puzzled many fans of the series mostly due to the fact the ending was changed at the last minute and some believe there was a cut scene showing us the T. rex breaking through a "wall" which was actually the same sheet of plastic the Velociraptor went through.

Here we can clearly see the front facade of the Visitor Center-nearly finished. Entering the Visitor Center, we are greeted by a very bright rotunda. Again, the camera angles are quite restricted and very little of the entrance of the rotunda is shown.

Skip ahead to latter in the film and we see Grant and the kids entering the Visitor Center. From this angle, we can see that down one of the front halls is a wall with two double red doors. Also notice the placement of the wall-at the edge of the 3rd double window.

Latter we then are presented a shot of the other hall and we find that draped across it is a white tarp that is lit up quite prolifically. But notice where the light is coming from, it's not ambient, and also not from the left side where the windows are, but from the right side.

This is where an understanding of the VC's structure is important. The Visitor Center, according to its construction, is made like any house: wooden supports with walls (as seen here).


Now, looking back at the outside, we can see the depth of and width of these walls.


Checking the film, it was noticed that the schematic given on the computer screen is actually not at all like the real compound presented in the film-probably because the real one went through several iterations. After some careful sleuth work, we managed to create a rough schematic of what the Visitor Center truly looked like-as presented in the film.

Now as can be seen in the film, on the right side of the compound, there is a wall with two red doors. On the left side, however, there is simply a tarp. This is because that wall was not yet completed. Continuing that though, they would be no need to put a tarp if not to separate it from the elements, notice also that the light can be seen coming in from the back area.

In the drawing, you can see the tarp that the Raptor lifts up before entering the rotunda. Also shown is the area that the bright light was entering the hall from. This area would explain the ability of the Raptor to enter the compound. There is no other possible explanation except that a wall was missing. You can also see two potted plants-possibly plants that needed to be potted but had not yet been.

Now, again, part of the understanding of this is the fact that a tropical storm just hit, and also the construction of the visitor center is not, as many had assumed, solid concrete.

It is possible that the Visitor Center's walls had become slightly damaged by the storm or even weakened structurally.

Next we see the actual shot of the Rex having entered the visitor center. You can see clearly that metal bars are bent out of shape-notice that would have been in the same shape structurally as what the wall on the other-side showed: several panels and a placement for double doors. They have been warped and bent out of shape by the Rex entering. Two potted plants are positioned there. Also notice that there is no wall past the edge of the thatched roof except for the very base of it. The rest of it is gone.

Many people are confused by this because it seemingly contradicts what is seen on the outside-a wall. But after much consideration, it becomes clearer that the way the scene worked was this:

The front, side, and top walls/roof are all built, but to aid in construction, two walls were left out until the inside of the rotunda was finished: the wall in the alcove and the wall on the inside, both of which would have double doors. Because of this, tarps were put in place of the walls to keep out the elements while not restricting construction worker access.

Later, after the power is out, this proves a weakness, exploited by the crafty Velociraptors. One finds this missing wall, and enters the Visitor Center through it after being beckoned by the others earlier. Following the scent of the Raptor, the Rex came to the visitor center. Seeing the ability to fit into the Visitor Center, the Rex simply knocks out the facade and smashes in, catching the raptor off guard and saving the day.

The facade was not finished and possibly structurally weakened by the storm-notice the amount of leaf material on the floor around the Rex's feet. Also, the Rex was extremely strong and could easily manage to break through an already weakened corner of a structure.

Looking back, like with many other "flub" scenes, this scene had very restricted camera angles. Certain shots were simply unattainable. Not to mention, the ending was re-written so there was no plan originally to show this area of the Visitor Center. At first, the scene seems quite impossible as even the Rex couldn't break through that thick a wall of concrete, leaving no debris, and not really do it for any reason.

But upon closer inspection, it is obvious that the walls were not thick with concrete and were not all in-place and only those readily seen by the camera from the outside are in place. This not only is a vital clue but is the very thing that holds this scene together. There is now a reason, a means, and an explanation for this seemingly impossible scene.


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