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Jurassic Park Legacy - Fact or Flub Issue 3
Issue 3, Flying into the Sunset
Over the years, a few questions have arisen about certain scenes in the Jurassic Park films that seemingly contradict reality or continuity. These are called "flubs," scenes in which something occurs that is without warrant or reason, or is contradictory to common knowledge. A lot of debate exists about certain scenes and exactly how much of a "flub" they are. Because of this debate, JPL has put together a new way of approaching these scenes called "Fact or Flub?"

One of the controversies over Jurassic Park's ending is the "Flying into the Sunset" scene. As poetic a finale as there can be, this scene has been a bit of a headache.

First off, we must understand exactly where the helipad is.As you can see, the Helipad is in the southern area of the island (the Helipad icon is highlighted with white).

Now, taking a flight route from there, the helicopter seemingly flew out to the coast as looking through the windows behind Grant, the mountains of the island are still visible, but looking from his point of view, the ocean and pelicans are visible.

So, following the coast, the helicopter then flies off into the sunset, seemingly inconspicuous. The problem lies with the fact that Isla Nublar is West of Costa Rica and that if they wanted to go to the mainland, flying West-off into the sunset-they would be flying the wrong way.

This is to help us orientate our directions on the map: Thinking back to the night before, one must remember that Isla Nublar was just hit with a tropical storm. Muldoon says in the film "The National Weather Service is tracking a tropical storm about 75 miles west of us." The storm came in from the south West. Watching the computer screens latter, we see that the storm is a little bit south of the island, but is heading for the island still. Unlike the unnamed storm that almost hit Nublar before, this one did not turn south and continued right across Nublar, heading North-North East.

The exit out of the island would be to the island's east. Keep in mind the survivors of the Nublar Incident in fact very well could have had an early start to the day and the time to walk to Visitor's Center was less than a day's walk according to Dr. Grant. Being the children and Grant would cover a lot of ground the night before from the Tyrannosaur attack, with having to sleep in the Brachiosaurus Paddock. The point in which Dr. Grant and the kids stopped would approximately be less than halfway the length to the Visitor's Center.

The other matter is that the path the Helicopter takes on the exit, due to the passings of time, could have been against an early noon sun (approximately 11:30/12:00) to the east. A lot of people presumably go with sunset as that's what is attributed in most films in a picturesque ending. This is where people wrongly pull the notion of this being a flub from to begin with!

Given the amount of time the survivors had to accomplish things from sunrise (atypically 6 AM) to late-midday (Noon) we think this is the most likely passing of time.
All in all, it seems at first to be a big flub, but in reality, would make more sense than anything else.

Another matter pointed out is in the book, the team is rescued by the Costa Rican Air Force, which firebombs the island. Afterward the survivors are kept under lock and key in Costa Rica. In the film, as no such air force exists (and in real life too), the group is simply airlifted back directly to Costa Rica to go back to points unknown while Ian Malcolm stays behind in a Costa Rican hospital where Sarah Harding eventually comes and visits him.


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