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Issue 4, Venture Boat Attack

First off, the best way to begin this investigation is to explain exactly how the boat came to be where it ended up. At Isla Sorna, the male Rex was captured. Then, using a cargo helicopter, the Rex - while in its cage - was air-lifted onto the deck of the ship.

These helicopters would have transported any of the caged/caught animals to their respective transport vehicles. The cargo ship then traveled to San Diego. Around the time the boat reached the American coast, the T-Rex's heart stopped. The doctors sped up realizing that they couldn't risk the Rex's life. They gave it a shot to keep it alive which only caused the Rex to wake up and, as Sarah put it, turned him into a "locomotive."

The Rex broke out from its cage and the crew that was on the deck tending to him, panicked. The tyrannosaur cornered them on the other-side of the dock where they couldn't get into the ship, eating some of the crew. The captain came out of the bridge and the Rex saw him at eye level and attacked him, ripping his body free from his hand which was gripping the wheel.

A person who had been mortally wounded managed to open the cargo hold where some of the crew ran and the Rex followed. The crewman then closed the hold which the Rex tried to exit from but was unable to. The ship, captain-less, sailed straight into the dock and stopped once it hit the marina. The Rex was knocked down, and remained on the ground for a few minutes. The Rex finally got up, they opened the hold and the Rex escaped. The problem most people have is with the Rex's ability to wipe out the entire ship's crew. This is an oversight. The Rex, clearly, would be unable to get the crew within the ship.

Later, Sarah talks to a man in an InGen uniform. He knew things about the ship others didn't know and quite possibly was a crewman on the ship overseeing the Rex. It is never explored or stated if any crew were in the ship so it is possible that most survived and that only the crew on the deck were chased or killed. These crewmen also were too afraid to come up to the deck to check on what had happened and because the incident had happened only minutes earlier, they didn't have time to run up to the bridge and stop the ship. The other problem is the Captain-or at least, the man at the helm-somehow is eaten from the wrist down with no damage done to the bridge. Pouring over every angle, it's clear that the bridge has sustained no damage.

This seems to be the only problem. The captain was possibly tugged while putting the ship on full speed, but it would seem that the level for full speed would break before his wrist did. Also, there appears to be no damage to the door frame from which the Rex should have been tugging on him from. Notice the distance between the hand and Ludlow and the door. There is also no stress to the door, or to the door from the other side.

There is no stress mark or broken area on the bridge so there appears to be no place for the Rex to attack the captain. So as far as flubs go, the Rex couldn't kill everyone on the boat and there is no proof that it did as there is no mention of who survived. As far as the Captain's death, it seems iffy as the evidence seems to point to something unknown going on.

As both the Steven Spielberg and David Koepp say that there was no other animal on the boat besides the Rex, this one aspect of the Rex attack will be marked as Flub-until further evidence comes forward.


Pneu Dart X-2 Tranquilizer pistol (S/F)
M136 AT4 Rocket Launcher (S/F)
CODA All Purpose Net Gun (S/F)
Dane County Airport (S/F)
Isla Nublar Veterinary Services (S/F)

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