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Jurassic Park ///

Hasbro, 2001-2002 (Series I)
Hasbro, 2001-2002 (Camo-X-Treme)

Hasbro, 2001-2002 (Series I)
Hasbro, 2001-2002 (Camo-X-Treme)


Director Steven Spielberg left the Jurassic Park franchise for the third film released in 2001, instead focusing on projects of his own. Despite working closely with director Joe Johnston, the end result, for many, was less than fantastic. Likewise, when Hasbro, Inc. shut down Kenner's operations located in Cincinnati a year before, the Jurassic toys obtained a new manufacturer. In an odd display of parallel similarities, the toyline received mostly mediocre, and even sometimes downright negative reviews, and was largely considered a bitter disappointment.

Hasbro may have been caught in an awkward situation. The company has always been well-known for their specific style of toys; neither too realistic, nor too unrealistic. The dinosaurs received the most impractical designs of the entire toyline, although the human figures weren't without their imperfections. Because Kenner's creations, especially their Jurassic Park toys, have been distinguished for their likeliness, the proportionally incorrect Hasbro toyline may have come as a shock to fans expecting the realism of Kenner.

Worse yet, disproportionate figures and dinosaurs weren't the only problem plaguing the Jurassic Park 3 toyline. Another setback that unfortunately arose, and certainly aided in the toyline's downfall, was the lack of character likeness. The resemblances were so terrible in fact, that basic facial features such as Paul Kirby's mustache never appeared on the finished product. Exactly how such fundamental flaws made it into the final cut is hard to comprehend, but it was clear that the quality was, for the most part, not up to standards. With so many blatant and careless mistakes, many people were simply unsupportive, despite the fact that the company was simply out of its line of expertise.

Later in the year Hasbro released a spin-off of the Jurassic Park 3 toys. This toyline was called Camo-X-Treme. The premise was really very simple; dinosaurs which have adapted to their environment and extreme weather conditions. The whole underlying concept was to paint dinosaurs in odd colors, and at first glance they will appear out of the ordinary, but only because they are, although not to the degree of the Chaos Effect toyline. Fortunately, Hasbro had pulled this off very well. The idea was truly brilliant up to this point, and the actual toys were fantastic, but alas…they were only released in Europe. Hasbro had evidently decided to cancel the release of any Camo-X-Treme toys in the states.


As stated before, the figures most definitely were not the best Jurassic Park fans have seen. Unlike Kenner's standard action figures, which are about 4.5 inches in height, these new toys are very small in comparison, averaging to only 3.75 inches. About the only thing worthwhile was Hasbro's decision to throw in more finely detailed models. But even then, much of the details were of no use whatsoever, because they were of the wrong kind. The basic features which were not incorporated, but were of the most importance, ruined any positive elements the toys had. Hasbro should have spent more time on the essential details, which would have greatly helped emulate the appearance of the real actors.

Approximately nine figures were produced, including two versions of Dr. Alan Grant. All of them were sold as a pack, of course with dinosaurs included.


The Dinosaurs of the JP3 line were somewhat of a disappointment. The disappointment came from the hard plastic the dinosaurs were created of rather than the rubbery appearance the previous Jurassic Park lines that Kenner had made. People have also expressed a deep sense of dissatisfaction with the new "Re-Ak-Atak" feature that was created for this line as the wounds of the dinosaurs are unable to be covered and people have "herds" of wounded dinosaurs roaming their dioramas.

The Camo-X-Treme series would also feature a number of repaints from the earlier Jurassic Park 3 line and these repaints would become very rare and cherished among fans who were lucky enough to obtain a few for the collections.

Vehicles & Playsets

Overall three vehicles were released for the Jurassic Park 3 line each coming packaged with a unique figure and or in the case of the Raptor Motorcycle Pursuit two figures came in this set.

There was only one playset for the Jurassic Park 3 line and that is The Raptor Attack Playset. The playset came packaged with the female Velociraptor from Jurassic Park 3 and the Dr. Alan Grant figure that both respectively came from the Raptor Motorcycle Pursuit toy set. Another toy set was created, although a repaint and out of scale with the rest of the line. The Dinosaur Tracking Set was a Wal-Mart exclusive and came with a repainted Harpoon Harrison figure from the original Jurassic Park Series 2 line as well as a repainted The Lost World: Jurassic Park Triceratops and Cyclops Raptor.

Prototypes & Bootlegs

While some prototypes are known to exist of Jurassic Park 3 exist it is believed that all of the figures were produced that were scheduled to, save for the Camo-X-Treme wave which were all repaints of the dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park 3 line.

A lot of bootleg variants were made of the Jurassic Park 3 line, most particularly Hasbro of Mexico produced a line of Jurassic Park 3 figures featuring 10 unaltered re-releases from the Jurassic Park Dinosaurs (Series 1) line. These were also later sold at Kay Bee Toy Outlet shops in the United States.

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