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Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs

Kenner, 1999-2000 (Series I)
Hasbro, 2004-2005 (Series II)
Hasbro, 2005-2006 (Series III)
Hasbro, 2009-2010 (Series IV)

Hasbro, 1999-2000 (Series I)
Hasbro, 2004-2005 (Series II)
Hasbro, 2005-2006 (Series III)
Hasbro, 2009-2010 (Series IV)


Kenner Parker introduced their new Jurassic Park toyline in 1999, which spanned through most of 2000. These were simply called "Dinosaurs", "Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs" to be exact. To call this toyline "new" is an oversimplification in a literal sense, and perhaps garners more credit than the series actually disserves. Not to say that the toys were not impressive, they are, they just aren't very original. That's mainly because they are all repaints. Whether that is good or bad in your book, no one can deny the quality of the toys themselves. Much like the original toyline, these maintained a classic simplicity that made them hard to resist.

Hard to resist for most people, that is. Unlike the casual toy enthusiast, many serious Jurassic Park collectors were hardly impressed. It's true that there is very little to find in this toyline if you are looking for originality. In fact, a common theory that has its share of supporters claims these toys were released for no other reason than to promote Universal Studios Islands of Adventure theme park. That speculation is not remarkably difficult to accept as the back of nearly all Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs packages included a large promotional sticker…not to mention that all of the toys were merely uninspired reproductions.

Initially the first series was only available at Wal-Mart as an exclusive line, but as more toys were released more retailers were included. Unfortunately, Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs never saw light in Europe. For people not living in the US this was another slap in the face, as it had been so many times before. It certainly had soured many fans' dreams of completing their collection. Thankfully, eBay was their friend, and due to the online auction website it was not impossible.

Now fast forward four years. The year is 2004, and Hasbro, which has already closed Kenner's Cincinnati operations, seemingly decides out of no where to release series II of Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs and would later after the success of the 2004 line would release the 2005-2006 line. With no one really knowing what the deal is news is hastily reported, but with little textual content. Quickly it becomes known that reminiscent of series I, series II is another exclusive toyline. The only difference(s) being that instead of Wal-Mart, KBToys is now the favored retailer, selling the merchandise under a slightly altered Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs logo. Throughout late summer and early fall the toys are released, continuing to make respectable sales. Hasbro, Inc. also puts off allegations that the company had previously lost license to manufacture additional Jurassic Park toylines.

In 2005, yet another Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs line was released (series 3). This line would only feature dinosaurs and not specifically any human figure. As with the previous 2004 line this line is only exclusive to KB Toy stores.

Launched by suprise in 2009 after much doubt whether or not Hasbro retained the Jurassic Park toy license, the 2009 line is exclusive to Toys R Us and features a re-tooled version of the Bull T.rex from The Lost World: Jurassic Park toyline.


The figures were only included as a pack with other dinosaur toys, never being individually sold, but this was to be expected. Luckily the craftsmanship was first-rate, with likeness and realism worked to a good degree. This made these nothing short of gems compared to Hasbro's proportionally incorrect Jurassic Park 3 toyline.

About five figures were released for series I, an additional four in series II, and five more figures in the 2009 Series IV line. Because Hasbro may decide to deliver additional Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs toys in the near future, fans are left wondering. Though the likelihood of this is remote, it isn't entirely out of the question just yet.


Undeniably the main focus of this line was its dinosaurs. It appears Hasbro had decided to choose a good number of the popular toys from previous Jurassic Park toylines, and re-release them as repaints. Fans constantly wish for a Gallimimus or a re-release of the harder to find toys from the original "Jurassic Park" toyline. With the factor of originality eliminated from the get-go, the only thing the toys had going for them was the Jurassic Park name, and the paintjobs. Fortunately, they proved to be worthy in overall quality (for the most part), and thus were not entirely eliminated from collectors' interest.

Series I consisted of nineteen released toys. Four were electronic, having the ability to produce various dinosaur sounds. Ten came as single figures, and rest were packaged with an included figure. Series II, on the other hand, is considerably smaller, consisting of only ten toys. Most of these came as packs, with only two being sold individually. It is alleged that Hasbro plans to release two additional toys, but this is merely a rumor and therefore unconfirmed. Series 3 featured one new sculpt, which was repainted in the same line and it was in infant Triceratops, which possibly had it's roots in the JP3 toyline.

Vehicles and Playsets

The entire Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs toyline never included a single vehicle or playset; however, in 2009 the toy line for this JP:Dinosaurs features a cardboard cut-out vehicle.


Because all of these toys are repaints, there are no prototypes. As for the unreleased toys, it's believed that at least one dinosaur toy was scrapped from the beginning.

Smith & Wesson Model 29 (S/F)
Pneu Dart X-2 Tranquilizer pistol (S/F)
M136 AT4 Rocket Launcher (S/F)
CODA All Purpose Net Gun (S/F)
Dane County Airport (S/F)

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