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Jurassic Park, The Novel
Title: Jurassic Park
Author: Michael Crichton
Pages: 400

Reports from Costa Rica indicate that a lizard-like reptile is attacking infants and people in coastal towns of Costa Rica. These attacks are attributed by the natives to be known as the "hupia" or "raptor", and are subsequently ignored by the local authorities as they are believed to be a local myth. That is until an American doctor treats a man who is hysterically screaming "los a raptor" (Velociraptor) after being injured at the mysterious new resort being built on Isla Nublar. The incident is noted but is mostly ignored, at least until a small girl is attacked by a Procompsognathus on a beach. The lower half of an animal, bitten off by a howler monkey, is discovered by Marty Guitierrez. It is believed to be a "Basilisk Lizard" until Dr. Alan Grant identifies it as a Procompsognathus.

Dr. Grant has just uncovered another fossilized Velociraptor skeleton in the Montana Badlands, and is interrupted by a phone call from John Hammond, his wealthy sponsor for the dig. Hammond insists that Grant and his assistant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, fly down to Hammond's private island off the coast of Costa Rica for a consultation of a resort. Doctors Grant and Sattler are joined by Hammond's lawyer, Donald Gennaro; Ian Malcolm, a mathematician specializing in the field of Chaos Theory; and Tim & Alexis (Lex), Hammond's young grandchildren. Also accompanying the visitors into the park is the park's Public Relations guru, Ed Regis.

A tour of Hammond's crowning achievement of the as-yet-unopened theme park, Jurassic Park, proves deadly as the security systems go off-line due to corrupt computer programmer Dennis Nedry. Subsequently, the untamed carnivorous dinosaurs overtake the island, killing anyone and anything in their path. The unwelcomed human visitors are separated from one another, and each group must find a way back to safety - and stop the rampaging dinosaurs.

Hardcover Published in 1990 by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. 399 pages.
Paperback Published in 1991 by Ballantine Books 400 pages.

Alternative Printings

1st Printing Limited Edition German Release (?) Worldwide Bestseller Movie Poster Version UK Release Over 8 Million Copies Sold Soon to be Major Motion Picture UK Bestseller Release


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