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Work Continuing on the Encyclopedia
Been a long time since we updated the blog about our work here at Jurassic Park Legacy. Rest assured we have all been diligently working on the encyclopedia project and filling it to the brim with all available information. The … Continue reading
Version Numbers Exist in the Film Universe ? An Editorial
I hate to say this, but when people are looking at the aspect of the changes between the Velociraptors and Pteranodons between the films they want to state they “evolved” because of an advertisement in the trailer mentioning evolution. Further, … Continue reading
Jurassic Park: The Game ? Canonical Analysis
Canon separation is something that is paramount in the Jurassic Park franchise due to the fact of the contradictions present between media as it adds depth to the story line that we know and love. Why is this a big … Continue reading

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Jurassic Park Legacy - Jurassic Park: Revelations
Jurassic Park: Revelations

Welcome to Jurassic Park: Revelations. A comic series centered around a group of survivors who crash land on the infamous "SITE B". SITE B aka Isla Sorna is home to the cloned dinosaurs of inGen. The survivors must find a way to survive the dangers of the dinosaurs of Sorna. A gripping plot, with shadowy company, BioSyn acting behind the scenes. The secrets of inGen's secrets shall be discovered and revealed. This will be a tense story of survival, espionage and truth.

Art and story by T-PEKC and the original concept by Tyrannosaur.

More of T-PEKC's paleo-art can be found in the Fan Art section

Issue #1 - The story begins. A plane crashes on Isla Sorna. The survivors realise where they are and begin their fight for survival. Also, who is the mysterious blond man with the gun?

Read the comic:

View JP: Revelations Issue #1 online. (Click on Thumbnails to see pages)

Download JP:Revelations Issue #1 in PDF. (Right Click and Save As)

Issue #2 - Picking up where we left off.. We meet more of the survivors from the plane crash and why are BioSyn there?

Read the comic:

View JP: Revelations Issue #2 online. (Click on Thumbnails to see pages)

Download JP:Revelations Issue #2 in PDF. (Right Click and Save As)


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T-PEKC's DeviantArt


Pencil, color and ink by: Vladimir "T-PEKC" Nikolov.
Story by: "T-PEKC" Based on the "Jurassic Park" movies and novels.
New characters are created by: "T-PEKC", "Tyrannosaur", "T-Rex_Master", "dvrex", "segisaurus" and "Aldaway"
Original characters: created by Michael Crichton
Editors: "T-Rex_Master", "Tyrannosaurus Matt" and "Tyrannosaur"
This comic is JPL property and it's not for selling.


Bribri Tribe (S/F)
Nublar Tufted Deer (S/F)
Mountain Sheep (C/N)
Japanese Swordmaking (C/N)
Flying Buttress of Gothic Cathedrals (C/N)

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