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Jurassic Park Screenwriter David Koepp talks Jurassic Park and Jurassic World

Date: Friday, January 23, 2015 - 12:56 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

According to the RadioTimes, David Koepp has discussed his experience working on Jurassic Park, and his initial impressions based on a sneak peek of Jurassic World. To reiterate, David Koepp was the screenwriter for Jurassic Park, and the Lost World: Jurassic Park. He had a cameo in 'The Lost World: Jurassic Park' as the 'unlucky bastard' who got eaten by the T-rex in San Diego.

First, Koepp detailed his experience working on Jurassic Park:

“There was a certain amount of fear,” David Koepp told RadioTimes.com.
“It was by no means a sure thing – it was 1993 so it was no guarantee the dinosaurs would look any good. It could have been laughable.”

It is always intriguing to look back at the process of when Jurassic Park was being made, before it was the worldwide franchise we know it today. It is also telling that although the CGI is highly praised today, how much effort it took to ataiin that. However, Koepp ranked Jurassic Park his best project so far, telling RadioTimes: "

“Jurassic Park is pretty hard to top,” he said. “It was a really lovely and respectful working experience with a lot of really good creativity.”

Koepp also clarified that although he has not been involved in Jurassic World, he has seen a sneak peek. He gave his opinion about the movie, and it is very encouraging.

“I’m very excited – I read a couple of drafts of their scripts and thought it was terrific,” he said. “I think that it’s gonna be great, I can’t wait. “
He added: “The thing about the Jurassic Park movies is they’re not a serialised adventure, as you’re not following a character as he goes off to a new place. Every time, you have to come up with a reason why rational people would go back to this island!”“I think they did it brilliantly this time in a way that I absolutely believe a hundred percent, and makes me really believe in the movie.”

This is extremely encouraging, that the screenwriter of Jurassic Park and the Lost World believes the script to be 'terrific'. In addition, he addresses one of the burning questions in the fandoms mind, which has been why people would continue going to the island's. From his response, it would seem that the script answers that question in a very believable manner, and ties up the previous loose ends in the script.

Koepp also commented on the possibility that a repeat of Nedry would happen in this new movie. His comment below says it all and may serve as a hint to Jurassic World:

“In the new film it looks like they have more IT staff - so nothing can POSSIBLY go wrong this time.”

Jurassic World comes out June 12, 2015. The movie is being directed by Colin Trevorrow and Produced by Frank Marshall. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Irrfan Khan and Judy Greer star.

Images of the Toys Released

Date: Saturday, January 17, 2015 - 22:17 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

Several sites, like JPToys, JurassicWorldNews, and other sites to name a few got a sneak peek at the new toys coming out for Jurassic World. You can view them here, please note these are most likely NOT the final versions of the toys we're getting in May.

Fan Project: Isla Sorna and Las Cinco Muertes Lore Video

Date: Saturday, January 17, 2015 - 14:27 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur


L'Ecran Fantastique releases Jurassic World details+ Our analysis

Date: Friday, January 16, 2015 - 2:43 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

The magazine L'Ecran Fantastique released a new Jurassic World article recently which details many of the important plot points. Many of which we knew, some of which was until now only rumor, but now we know. First off, the facebook page 'Jurassic World Community which has magazine scans from the issue. They also graciously provided a summary which we will reprint below:

"Claire is a serious woman who evolve in a place where everything is under control. D-rex escapes (it was created due to the fact that after 10 years, the park is not reaching their expectations anymore, recreating Dinosaurs is a step, and it's time to manipulate them, visitor's want something bigger, making louder noise, with more teeth), gyrosphere of the kids is attacked, so Claire calls Owen to help her finding them. Raptors behavious is studied by Owen, he's trying to find out where's the limit between Raptors and Humans relationships. His character is describe as being between Ian Malcolm (cynical) and Alan Grant (amazed by the nature's wonders). It's also written that Trevorrow wanted to create a strong relationship between Owen and Omar Sy (they are best friends), something that could be used later (SEQUELS). D'Onofrio is the bad guy "several scens will become iconic".... ! (There also a part about the numerical Dinosaur evolution through the movies, but not any JW pic, and a part about Dinos in movies in general)"

Lets begin breaking this down with the stuff already known. First off, we have already known Claire is serious, due to previous articles where she has been described as being 'in charge'. Similarly, the Hybrid info is what we have heard or guessed before, as well as the gyrosphere being attacked. This is obvious from the trailer. The description of Owen's character is similar to already revealed things, as is the description of the scenes.

However, the part with Claire calling Owen for help was not immediately obvious. It was rumored yes, but not confirmed until now. In context, this could explain how in the trailer, Owen and Claire are exiting the Mercedes together. In addition, this is the second time now that we have got any information about Omar Sy's character at all although he is apparently a large part of the movie through his relationship with Owen. The hint towards sequels is encouraging, and is a sign that he may be signed on to another movie.

Similarly, the comment about Owen's relationship to the raptors is extremely intriguing. In the trailer, his scenes with the raptors have mystified many, and it is possible that it is without the proper required contexts. If he is indeed studying the limit of human and raptor relations, then he could be positioning himself into the structure of the pack, rather then the raptors being trained as has been otherwise perceived.

Finally we approach the meat and potatoes which is the reveal of Vincent D'onofrio as being confirmed as the villain. JW.org published a story a week ago detailing that D'onofrio was the head of Security operations for InGen. It also details that InGen is a world leader in peacekeeping, drone operation and contingency services. The official Masrani site details that 'Vic Hoskins' (D'onofrio's character) is receiving subsidiaries of 225 million over 3 years to fund the security division. Putting all of that together...if D'onofrio is indeed the villain, the funding for the research in the Masrani update becomes more suspicious indeed!

First Look At Some of the Dinosaurs in Jurassic World

Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - 17:07 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

Got an e-mail this morning of what appears to be some party supplies from Jurassic World. Looks like we can see what the hybrid and the Raptors look like.

(Images removed at request of NBC Universal)

Frank Marshall discusses the Jurassic World story!

Date: Saturday, January 10, 2015 - 14:14 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Frank Marshall recently was interviewed by Collider mainly about the new Jason Bourne film. However, during the interview, Marshall described the challenges inherent in formulating the story for the newest Jurassic Park Movie, Jurassic World. In the interview, Marshall is asked first about the challenges inherent in formulating a movie plot, especially for movies with large fanbases.

Marshall replied:

" Yeah, that’s very important. You don’t want to disappoint the fans by just doing a schlocky movie. You want to do a real legitimate movie. It’s not going to be a sequel. In the Amblin spirit of Goonies, that’s what has to be."
This is very important since the interviewer immediately followed up this question asking if this was why it took so long to begin work on Jurassic World. Marshall answered:

"That’s one of the reasons, yeah. It was about story."

Marshall also elaborated on audience expectations, and criticized some of the major leaks surrounding the movie. His opinion is that the leaks surrounding the movie are increasingly spoilerish to the point where the movie is disrupted.

MARSHALL: Oh, they do! I believe that the audience wants to discover the movie in the movie theater. I don’t care what you say, with all of the leaks, I think it’s a spoiler. You want to see Star Wars like you saw Star Wars the first time when you had no idea, or Back to the Future or Goonies or Bourne. You don’t want to know what’s coming.

Finally, Marshall was asked about if the audience could expect another breakthrough for the fourth Jurassic Park movie. Marshall responded:

"Not technologically. You’re right, everybody has seen a dinosaur now, so it can’t be about that. We have to have a good story."

All in all, Frank Marshall's comments emphasize story over the dinosaurs it would seem. It is also intriguing to note the level of dedication, that by his remarks, he wants the Jurassic World movie done right. For the fans.

Jurassic World comes out June 12, 2015. The movie is being directed by Colin Trevorrow and Produced by Frank Marshall. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Irrfan Khan and Judy Greer star.

Colin Trevorrow talks Jurassic World in USA Today!

Date: Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - 12:21 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Today in the newspaper USA Today, the publication ran a preview article of the most anticipated movies of 2015. Jurassic World was among these movies discussed, and Trevorrow commented for the magazine about the tone and atmosphere of the Movie. The article also hinted at plot developments that had not been clarified before in the following summary.
"With its visitor base declining, the island theme park laden with dinosaurs gets a refresh and a hybrid monster is created for an economic boost — with unforeseen and very unfortunate consequences."
This summary gives us some details that we were already aware of, such as the hybrid's creation. However, previous explanations given for the creation of the hybrid have been that people were bored of the dinosaurs. This gives us a new detail, that the park is losing money due to declining attendance, and that the purpose of the new hybrid is both to increase attendance and regain losses. Trevorrow elaborated on this in his quote:
"With miracles of science such as dinos, you don't have to up the 'wow' factor,'' says Trevorrow. "This movie kind of exists to at least slap the characters around a bit and say, 'No, look around you, this is incredible.' "
This quote would seem to be referencing Trevorrow's earlier comments that people are bored of dinosaurs. It also references the creation of the hybrid, in that Trevorrow is saying that the hybrid is unnecessary in relation to the park's already existing roster of dinosaurs. His comment may mean that the people in the park may have become too jaded that they are oblivious to the wonder and beauty of the dinosaurs around them.

Jurassic World comes out June 12, 2015. The movie is being directed by Colin Trevorrow and Produced by Frank Marshall. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Irrfan Khan and Judy Greer star.

Jurassic World Film: About Page

Date: Tuesday, December 23, 2014 - 21:16 (Eastern)
Author: Cha0ticArch0saur

JPLegacy now has an 'About' page for the Jurassic World film. You can view the trailer in 1080p HD if you use the gear icon in the YouTube player. There is a list of all of the known actors and actresses playing roles in the film, each ones name is linked to their IMDB page. It will be updated as time unfolds the rest of the cast. Check it out here, and enjoy!

~JPLegacy Staff

There's a petition to update the dinosaurs!

Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - 20:53 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

There's a new petition going around to update the dinosaurs for future Jurassic Park movies. Be sure to check it out and sign it!

JPLegacy December Podcast Up!

Date: Sunday, December 7, 2014 - 18:25 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

Check out our thoughts on the latest happenings in Jurassic World. Subscribe to our RSS feed for it here. You may download the episode here.

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