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Lex to be mentioned in Jurassic World.

Date: Sunday, October 19, 2014 - 14:20 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Previously it was believed that only two people from Jurassic Park would be mentioned in the newest installment of the franchise-John Hammond as a Statue, and BD Wong as a scientist. However, we at Jurassic Park Legacy have learned recently that Hammond's grandaughter Lex, will play some role in the movie.

No information on if Ariana Richards is acting in it as of now. In fact, our source indicates that she may not be acting in it.. However, our source confirms that her character of Lex does play some role in the plot. No word on what this role may be, but it is an interesting turn of events. Since the word from the source indicates that Lex may be discussed, this could be interesting in light of news that a Hammond statue is apparently being displayed in the Jurassic World visitor's center.

Maybe Lex disapproves of her grandfather's image being displayed in this way and that is where she is name-dropped? Perhaps she is referenced by another character as well. Time will tell exactly what role she plays. It may be fundamental to the plot, but may be as little as a name-drop.

Jurassic World comes into theaters on June 12, 2015. The movie is directed by Colin Trevorrow and stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Omar Sy, and Lauren Lapkus.

Colin Trevorrow teases a new set picture from Jurassic World

Date: Monday, September 22, 2014 - 22:32 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Today, Colin Trevorrow the director of 'Jurassic World' tweeted a picture out with the label 'August'. The picture appears to show the East Dock sign from the first Jurassic Park movie rusted and covered with leaves. The sign appears to be intact, and untouched from where it fell when Dennis Nedry dropped it in the first movie before attempting to winch his jeep back down.

(The Picture in question)

The intriguing thing about this picture is its significance to the original Jurassic Park. In the original, Nedry crashed into this sign distorting its intended direction before he could get to the East Dock. He proceeded to crash into a tree root while it was raining, and faced a slippery mudslide. He lost his glasses nearby, and encountered a Dilophosaurus which attacked him. He lost his barbasol can containing embryos in the mud as he was mauled.

This background provides extremely intriguing potentials for a possible scene for Jurassic World. It may indicate several things, which we at Jurassic Park Legacy will proceed to break down, and indicate what they may mean. First of all, this picture is a return to hinting at past locations by Colin Trevorrow, as his last such promotional picture was of presumably the skeleton in the old visitor's center.

Second, it may indicate seeing the old Jeep in Jurassic World. If Nedry's jeep is beyond the wall, it may have been relatively undisturbed in the previous twenty years since. This idea is given credence due to past depictions including the Jurassic World SDCC promotional poster which displayed a raptor atop the crashed explorer from the first film.

Thirdly, it was in this area that Nedry was ambushed by the Dilophosaurus. Much is still reliant on the final placement of the old park in the context of the new park but...this may indicate if it takes place beyond the wall, of a possible reference or cameo by Dilophosaurus. Certainly it is a deliberate recall of the famous scene of Nedry's demise which so far marks the only on screen appearance of the DIlophosaurs in physical form although they have made cameos in both The Lost World and Jurassic Park three in far more subtle ways.

Lastly, it is a possible callback to the Barbasol can. Previous drafts of Jurassic Park four focused on retrieving the can and it was something Spielberg deliberately left open during the first film. Although the embryos in the can would be long since dead, it is possible that this may be for a flashback, and the can may play some role even symbolically in the film. It is important to note however that the timing is odd. Nedry was originally hired to steal the embryos under the direction of Dodgson who was in Biosyn's employ. The can thus is tied to Biosyn directly, and in several ways was the original cause of the Isla Nublar incident. So the question is even if Biosyn plays no role (but rumors persist that Biosyn may play a role in the toy line at least) what could this all be leading to?

Richard Attenborough in Memoriam.

Date: Sunday, August 24, 2014 - 20:53 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Richard Attenborough (Aug 1923- August 2014)

It is with a profound sense of regret that we here at Jurassic Park Legacy are eulogizing Richard Attenborough in his passing. The BBC confirmed earlier today that Richard Attenborough passed away today at the age of 90 according to his son David Attenborough. The news of his death has impacted not only the Jurassic Park community, but also Hollywood as well.

Joe Mazzello (Tim Murphy) paying tribute

Sam Neil (Alan Grant) paying tribute

Samuel L. Jackson (Ray Arnold) paying tribute.

Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow also shared a tribute:

In light of this sad event, we at Jurassic Park Legacy have decided to eulogize this great man by allowing the community to mourn with us. We will never forget how his performance in Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park inspired us and amazed us the first time. May we never forget. We have included testimonials from both the JPL facebook as well as the message board so that everyone has their chance.

Facebook testimonials:

"He was so great asi John Hammond. He made me to build a small Jurassic Park in our garden and I remember everytime I said to my parents "Welcome to Jurassic Park" I had goosebumps all over my body... he was a great actor he will be missed and never forgotten...Rest in Peace"

"I'm shocked, very upsetting, John Hammond is the reason we love jurassic park, without Hammond there was simply no jurassic park, no dinosaurs, hope jurassic world is dedicated to Richard Attenborough"

"I grew up watching him. JP was and still is my favourite movie, and John Hammond was always, and always shall be, remembered as the kooky fun old grandpa that he was. It feels like losing a family member. I'll need to attach a black band on my JP Jeep in his memory. Rest in peace, Mr. Hammond. You will be dearly missed by many."

And now onto our message board tributes:

From Manager Harris:
"Yes, the legacy that Richard Attenborough has left behind is enormous and has been an inspiration to us all. And many people would want the chance to say goodbye.

R.I.P. Richard Attenborough"

From Pokesaurus:
"RIP Richard. John Hammond was always one my my favorite JP characters, and there could have been no better person to take on his roll than you. I'd say his passing is more impactful to me than any other celebrity death. You will be forever missed."


"he was the true reason i went into paleontology as my chosen profession."


"RIP Lord Richard Attenborough. You made Hammond a lovable character and you will be missed. "
This loss hits us hard here at Jurassic Park Legacy. We share our condolences to the family, who are hit hardest of all. If you would like to leave your thoughts about his passing, share them on our message board.

Jurassic World wraps filming!

Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 22:01 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Today, Jurassic World finished filming and has now moved on to the post-production stage. To celebrate this milestone, both Frank Marshall and Colin Trevorrow have tweeted images that hint at the films plot and detail the characters in the upcoming movie.

Here is Marshall's Tweet.

Marshall tweeted an image of the scene descriptor for the final scene to film on the last day of shooting. The board has many points of interest, and details several character names. It describes Bryce Dallas Howard's character name as 'Claire', and also Ty Simpkin's character name is revealed to be 'Gray'. Nick Robinson is also listed as 'Zach'. What is also interesting is that below the actor and character names is a vehicle listed as 'Mobile vet unit'.

This is complemented by a short scene descriptor above the character names. The scene depicts Claire and Owen apparently near the Mobile Vet unit, with the scene being from Claire's (Bryce Dallas Howard's) point of view. She is following Owen (Chris Pratt's character) while holding an as yet undescribed handheld monitor. Since Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson are also included in the scene, this scene is assumed to have all four characters together. And a crew member with the descriptor 'Stunt Co-ordinator' is listed next to Bryce Dallas Howard, so she may have a stunt in this scene.

The next piece of news has to do with a Tweet from Colin Trevorrow: Also commemorating the final day of shooting for Jurassic World. His tweet is below:

This image depicts a clapboard for that day of shooting for Jurassic World. It depicts the clapboard between the jaws of a large carnivore, of which only the bones remain. The surroundings appear to be overgrown, but what this could mean is at the moment uncertain.

Want to discuss what this might mean? Talk about these here or here on our forums!!

Final San Diego Comic Con re-cap: Saturday.

Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - 2:53 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

It was my final day at San Diego Comic Con, and I was excited. I was about to attempt to enter Hall H, and seeing the line, I knew that it would be very difficult to even attempt. I had attended SDCC last year, and did not go into Hall H, and was determined to find my way into that panel this year. More so because I had been hearing rumors that a Jurassic World trailer would play before the Legendary Panel this year.

My journey began Friday night, when I got in line for Hall H outside the convention center at about 9pm. There was already a substantial line, and many of the people seemed prepared. I saw several with sleeping bags, and even a few with inflatable mattresses. I had packed some snacks and blankets and a pillow with me to try to endure the night. In anticipation that I would be in the hall all day as well, I had also packed some reading material, noting that it would be thirteen hours before I even got to enter the hall and that I would be there most of the day.

The hours ticked by slowly, and I tried to whittle some of it away by reading and talking to the people around me. However, as it grew later, I realized most people were asleep, and so I resolved to sleep some of the hours away as well. I woke up around 5:30, and was very groggy. Only a few hours of sleep had passed, since I had likely fallen asleep at one or two.

They began to hand out the wristbands indicating that we were likely to get to enter Hall H, and the first group was ushered inside. There were still three hours left to go, but i was excited that I had finally gotten inside the Hall that I steeled myself for the wait, recognizing that many people were still outside waiting. Checking my guidebook, I saw that the Legendary Panel was not until 12, and it was now seven in the morning.

After being admitted into the Hall, the crowding was immediately evident, but I managed to get a good seat. Since the room was still being filled, by a mere stroke of luck I managed to get seats in Row 3 of Hall H. There was still an hour before the first panel, which was the Warner Brothers presentation.

As the lights dimmed and the first panel of the day started, we were able to witness the Batman V. Superman trailer getting to see the first look at the film. The lead actors Henry Cavil, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot who play Superman, Batman, Wonder women respectively came out after the presentation.

We also got to see other noteworthy film presentations such as Jupiter Ascending, Mad Max, and then there was an Hour Long panel on the Hobbit. The entire cast of the movie was present for it, and showed a full trailer for the final Hobbit movie as well. By this time I was getting increasingly excited because I knew the Legendary Panel was next.

A half hour later, the Legendary panel started, with Thomas Tull headlining the proceedings. As the Legendary slate began to roll, I sat there in anticipation as 'As Above so Below', 'Crimson Peak' and 'Warcraft' all displayed trailers and hints about their upcoming release. There was also a teaser for the Godzilla sequel which excited me, as we were given teases of the new Monsters that Godzilla would be fighting in the next movie. (Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah)

However, as the panel seemed to end it seemed that Jurassic World would not show. But then as the panel began to end, Thomas Tull said he had one more thing to show. I stood up, as did half the people in the audience. A trailer began to show on screen of a stormy sea, which panned over to an island. Instantly I and the rest of the people in the audience began shouting 'Jurassic World!' so great was my excitement.

However, the screen panned over a shot which seemed like the JP helicopter valley sequence and it still seemed like it might be Nublar. But then as more of the island was displayed, they showed a large stone wall and my heart fell. Then it showed birds flying and monkeys scattering. I thought to myself..."maybe it could still be..." but then that hope was broken when out of the foliage burst King Kong, and then the credits read 'Skull Island'. End of Legendary Panel.

I was stunned, nothing made sense. With the Jurassic World poster promotion, I had been so sure that it would receive a trailer at Comic con, considering it was the last one before the film's release. Stunned, I checked the time it was still five hours until the Marvel panel, which I wanted to stay for. There were a few other panels in between but they did not interest me. So I left to get overpriced personal pizza at the Hall H concessions booth

It was a long wait for the Marvel Panel but it did not disappoint. The cast of 'Ant Man' appeared first, and discussed the movie. Then a trailer was shown for it. After that, the Cast of the Avengers 2 movie came out, and it was really awesome to see them all together. A trailer was shown for the movie, which got everyone excited. After this, most people left the hall including me, since I had another panel to attend.

It was Phil Tippet's panel, and was lightly attended in comparison to the 7,000 seat Hall H I had just exited. I quickly found a seat, and waited for Phil to begin his talk. As he talked, he turned on a powerpoint which covered many of his past projects. He discussed each of them, and also his influences. There was also a question and answer panel afterwards, but I did not have time to attend it.

After that panel, I had to leave the convention center, putting an end to my Comic Con for another year. It had its highs and lows, but I would attend again next year if given the chance. I am grateful though, that I had the opportunity to attend.

Jurassic World Lego sets have been confirmed!

Date: Friday, August 1, 2014 - 21:02 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

On top of the previous announcement involving Die Cast cars and Remote Controlled vehicles, comes another exciting bit of news involving Jurassic World Merchandise. However, the folks at the Website have uncovered plans for new Jurassic World Lego sets!

They report that this news was uncovered while listening to the Empire Magazine Podcast, in which Chris Pratt was being interviewed. At about 1 hour and 9 minutes into the Empire Magazine podcast, Chris Pratt mentions that he has a figure of himself as he is depicted in the new 'Jurassic World' movie.

While discussing the new minifigure, Chris Pratt revealed two things.: One, that his character name is indeed 'Owen' as has long been speculated. Second, he describes it as 'Jurassic Park Lego', indicating that other scenes from the different Jurassic Park movies may make appearances.

Exciting news!

Jada Toys gets the license for Jurassic World Vehicles!

Date: Friday, August 1, 2014 - 17:59 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

This afternoon, we at Jurassic Park Legacy discovered that Jada Toys had acquired the Jurassic World Vehicles License. They also have the license for the previous three films in the franchise as well. The company wrote in their press release that they plan to develop RC Vehicles as well as die-cast figures for both Jurassic World as well as the previous movies in the Quadrilogy.

A Jada Toys rep had this to say about the new deal:

“Jada is a perfect fit for both Jurassic World and Fast & Furious 7 because of our strength in producing high-quality die cast and radio controlled vehicles with innovative flair,” says May Li, President at Jada Toys. “We are excited to show off the products we have developed to compliment these action-packed movies.”

Excited for this? Discuss it on our forums!

Visit the Jada Club site here
for future updates on this news.

My Comic Con Journey: Friday (Morning to Afternoon)

Date: Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 1:47 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Hello everyone, it's me, Sickle_Claw. Today I come to write about my Comic Con experience last Friday, from the morning to the mid-afternoon. That friday, since I had walked the floor the first day, I decided to devote most of my day to panels. Having the freedom to do so, meant I was able to devote my schedule to these panels that particularly interested me.

First, I decided to visit the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic panel, with the intention of visiting Gravity Falls panel right after it. I knew that there was a large fanbase for both shows, being a fan myself. So I decided that I would get in line for the panel about an hour before, and sit through an unrelated panel in order to reserve a seat. It proved to be a wise decision, since the panel would later end up being full in the middle of the earlier panel.

The panels I wanted to go to were very fun and engaging. The My Little Pony panel showcased a trailer for the upcoming season, as well as a teaser fro a movie that is associated with the franchise. Afterwards, the cast talked a bit about the franchise, and answered fan questions. Panel attendees were given a ticket for a piece of MLP merchandise to be redeemed at a separate location.

The Gravity Falls panel also showcased a trailer for the upcoming season, although it was preceded by a 'fake' teaser that spoofed various fan ships and theories. The question and answer was a lot of fun, with spoiler questions being rebutted by way of a hilarious technique with a puppet. I was able to ask the creator of the show a question as well, regarding which supporting character was his favorite. (It is Gideon) Also, attendees of this panel were given a placard with a promo image for the next season, a gravity falls postcard, and a 'decoder' pen.

After this panel ended, I decided to go to the Legacy Effects panel. This panel was hosted by Shane Mahan and John Rosengrant among the other panelists...I was excited because these two had worked on the Jurassic Park films, and I knew that Legacy effects had done some work for Jurassic World. In attendance in the panel was the administrator of, Chris Picard himself.

The panel consisted of the Legacy Effects team discussing the movies they had worked on, while they showed a slideshow of their work. At the end of the panel, there was a question and answer session in which Rosengrant confirmed that Legacy Effects had just finished work on Jurassic World. Feeling excited after that, I left the panel, but not before staff members at the panel handed us our very own 'Legacy Effects' t-shirt. Feeling excited by the mention of Jurassic World, I went back to the hotel to prepare for later in the night, when I would attempt to enter Hall H for the Legendary Panel. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about how my overnight adventure and the events of Hall H for Saturday.

My Comic Con Journey: Thursday.

Date: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 3:08 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Hello everyone, It's me Sickle_Claw. Last week I was privileged to be able to attend San Diego Comic Con from Thursday to Saturday. It truly was an amazing experience, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend three out of the four days. It was my second Comic con, and this time I was far more prepared then the last time I had gone, which was an year ago. This time, I had far more time, and a more thought out schedule.

I attended Comic Con with a plan in mind: Get the Jurassic World Posters that would be given out, and attend several panels related to Jurassic World. I had planned to attend Legacy Effects panel on friday, Legendary's panel in Hall H on Saturday, and Phil Tippet's panel on Saturday night. I was especially excited because of the rumors of a Jurassic World teaser trailer that I imagined would play in the Legendary Panel on Saturday.

However, Thursday there were no panels that I thought of attending since none grabbed my interest. I declared it a 'floor day', walking the exhibit hall of the San Diego Convention center looking for anything that might capture my interest. I was aware that the Jurassic World posters were being given out at random drops during the day, so I signed up for a cell phone alert to let me know when they were.

Walking the floor, I noticed right away that it was very crowded. More so in some parts of the convention floor then others. The crowds were mostly in the center of the floor, where the largest exhibitors had their booths. The hall extended from independent artists, to the larger retailers, to independent authors, to comic book stalls, and then comic collectible merchandise booths in that order. In the far end, they had a large area where Convention-goers could play the latest video games.

I had to buy a few gifts, so I stopped to buy some exclusives first before they were all gone. Several of the larger retailers had long lines for their exclusives I noticed-reaching into over a hundred people in line. I walked through the floor, stopping at Factory Entertainment's booth when I recognized the Jurassic Park bobbleheads from last year.

I managed to pick up a catalog, which interestingly enough had no Dilophosaurus in the catalog, even though it had one displayed in the glass case. I noticed that the T-rex bobblehead also looked different while in the glass case then it did in the cabinet. I bought the Raptor Hatchling bobble-head from the booth, since it was the only bobblehead that was on display that was for sale. I also noticed a unique JP lunchbox that I had not known before...

Walking further down the aisles, I stopped by Legendary's booth, but was surprised to see that Jurassic World was not represented there. Most of the advertising seemed to be centered around 'Crimson Peak' and 'Warcraft'. I left to go look at the merchandise, and saw that there was JP memorabilia to be found, but either horribly overpriced, or I already had it. I did buy a Jurassic Park original lobby card depicting the scene of the raptors in the kitchen though.

That done, I decided to shop for comics, since several stalls had them half off. I bought about four different graphic novels, all very cheaply because of the large discounts given in the booths. Oddly, the comics area had less people then other areas of the convention.I decided to try to go back and look at the stalls I had not paid that much attention too, when suddenly my cell phone went off.

It was the text alert! I was in the middle of the convention floor when it occurred, so I had to fight my way through a crowd of people just to get outside. Then it seemed to me, that there was even more of a crowd on the sidewalk outside. Quickly asking a staff member at the convention where the street was, I ran as fast as I could toward the crosswalk. So fast did I run, that I broke my convention bag, panicked upon seeing a large line already.

People were running to get in the line, and it was all I could do to get a spot. However, the line ran out of posters before I was able to get a full sized poster. As consolation, they gave out the Mini Posters, and I was able to get my picture taken right beside the Jurassic World Mercedes. Knowing that it was valuable and the first piece of Jurassic World merchandise in my collection, I raced back to the convention floor and bought a plastic protective cover for my poster. As seen Here.

After that, I had to leave but it had already been an eventful day. I left at about three o'clock for lunch, missing the second poster drop, but suspecting that I would be able to catch the others. After all, then I had two more days left.

Friday's and Saturday's summaries of my experience will come in the following days. Thanks for reading all of this!

Jurassic World exclusive poster revealed at Comic Con!

Date: Monday, July 21, 2014 - 15:53 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Today, Colin Trevorrow Tweeted a poster of Jurassic World for San Diego Comic Con. The poster will be released at San Diego Comic Con, and will be available in 'Limited Quantities'. The artist for the poster is Mark Englehart.
The official Jurassic World twitter page posted more information on how to get these posters here.

The poster shows a Velociraptor crouching over a downed Jeep in the middle of the Jungle. Below it, can also be seen it's nest inside the Jeep. Behind the raptor, can be seen a more developed stretch, with construction occurring next to a mountain and a large lagoon. A monorail also is situated right through the ongoing construction. Also in the air, a helicopter can be seen transporting cargo, although what this is is unclear.

A staff member of our site will be attending the convention this year, and will cover anything Jurassic World related. If we manage to get a copy of one of the posters, a close up of the poster will be shown for you all. Stay tune for our continuing Jurassic World coverage at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend!

Discuss this news here or here on our forums!

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