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Islands Of Adventure: Jurassic Park Island

Islands of Adventure
Orlando, Florida
Universal Theme Park
March 1999

Are you ready to explore the exciting world of Jurassic Park? Located In Universal Studios, Florida, Jurassic Park: Islands of Adventure is sure to please any fan of the JP films - young and old. You can feel yourself fall into the nostalgic atmosphere of the movie as you
crawl under the large entrance gates that still seem to leave us all in awe. But watch out! There is danger around every corner as you continue through this shaking tropical jungle, all the while hearing roars of the dinos who are ready to strike at any moment!

Jurassic Park is the largest of all five islands, encompassing more than 21 acres. This lush jungle environment is the home of almost 4,000 trees and 65,000 shrubs and bushes. With incredible detail everything was created to have a Jurassic Park look & feel. And it works! The outstanding theming creates the illusion to represent a real Jurassic Park, with a lush environment and the high tech security system, taking a lot of elements from the movies. You will really start to ask yourself whats behind those perimenter fences...” with this “Everything is created to have a Jurassic Park look and feel, all with incredible detail, and it works! The outstanding environment creates the illusion of a real Jurassic Park, with a lush environment and a high tech security system, taking a lot of elements from the movies. You will start to ask yourself what’s behind those perimeter fences...

The Rides

A Walk Through The Park
Take a walk through the Jurassic Park island of Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando where you will find vendors, resturaunts, photo opportunities, and other exciting activities just waiting for you!

Jurassic Park River Adventure
Come board a river boat and behold the scientific marvels that brought dinosaurs back to roam the earth. But be warned, stay on course or you could encounter dangerous creatures. You'll flee from deadly raptors and dodge venomous spitters. Then brace yourself! A rampaging T. rex is loose and the only thing that will save you from his terrifying jaws is a 85-foot plunge into total darkness. Strap down for the escape of your life, on the Jurassic Park River Adventure.

Triceratops Encounter
Here's a once in 60 million years chance to pet a moving, breathing dinosaur. Come join Jurassic Park rangers in a veterinary paddock, where the dinosaurs are supervised. You'll tour the feed and control stations, where the skilled rangers will teach you the family history of this 24-foot long and 10-foot tall gentle beast. You'll be astounded as the Triceratops reacts to you with snorts, blinks, flinches, and even hooting cries. Reach out and touch the past in ways you never imagined, only at the Triceratops Encounter.

Discovery Center
Towering over the treetops, the Jurassic Park Discovery Center welcomes you to explore and unearth the miracles of science with hands-on interactive exhibits and displays. In the center rotunda you'll examine the massive fossilized remains of a T. rex. You can even join the activity in the Nursery, where you might see a Velociraptor hatching from its egg. Watch the future of science unfolding in amazing ways, only at the Jurassic Park Discovery Center.

Camp Jurassic & Pteranodon Flyers
Kids will unleash the dino inside them when they scurry through this prehistoric playground complete with rumbling volcanoes and cascading waterfalls. They'll explore secret caves and a mysterious amber mine, clamber through dinosaur capture-nets, play on a variety of themed slides, negotiate suspension bridges, make the ground rumble as they pound down Thunder Lizard Trail, or join in a water-cannon fight in the containment paddock. It's the most primitive fun on the planet, only at Camp Jurassic.

Eons ago, soaring silently above ancient forests with wing spans up to thirty feet, Pteranodons stayed safely out of reach from even the tallest Dinosaurs. Now they have returned. Come take a lesson in flight over 150 million years old as you sit under the giant wings of these gentle creatures. You'll cut through the wind and glide effortlessly over the treetops of a prehistoric jungle at Pteranodon Flyers.

Jeep Safari
Since construction began, rumors about a "Jeep Safari Ride" pop up frequently. Presumably, this ride would recreate the Jeep tour seen in the first movie. While officials keep the secret, a lot of insiders say that the ride is still in development. As to when it will be made remains to be seen.


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