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Jurassic World Toy Review
Just going to go over these fairly quickly of my latest purchases from my local ToysRUs about the new JW toys. This is to help you all to know what’s decent and what’s outright horrible and make some responsible financial … Continue reading

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Jurassic Park Legacy - Staff
Presently Jurassic Park Legacy has a lot of great staff members, and we are proud to have them all on board of this growing site. If you think you have an extensive knowledge of JP, or you are interested in joining our staff, drop us a line on the forum. If you are a site or organization I would encourage you contact us through the pr@jplegacy.org address for inquiries such as partnerships and appearances. If you are having forum issues please contact us on the board or through the forum@jplegacy.org address directly.

We encourage open communication between the membership and the rest of the staff, but there is a chain of command on who to contact first:

Pokesaurus - Membership Issues, Forum Issues, and/or Moderation issues
TRexKing - Public Relations Internal and External
Mulder - Internal Conflict Resolution, Member issues, Moderation issues
Tyrannosaur - Website and Forum Technical Problems as well as Encyclopedia & Site Content issues/inquiries

Note: Please DO NOT contact us if you are inquiring about whether we will sell you Jurassic Park memorbilia (toys, posters, games, the movies, etc.). We are not affiliated with Universal or Amblin Entertainment. Your e-mail will be deleted instantly.

Real Name: Terry
Position: Webmaster
Birthday: 23 November, 1984
Contact: tyrannosaur@jplegacy.org
About me: I used to be a staff member on inGenNET (R.I.P.) and JPDatabase until I decided to separate and start my own site. When I was three, my family and I stopped in Grand Junction, Colorado one night, and on the news there was a recent fossil find involving then Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus) being unearthed. What was extraordinary about this for me is that earlier that day we had seen the flatbed carrying the fossil down the road and then stopped off at a Siclair Gas Station and immediately bought some plastic dinosaurs upon seeing this. I was glad with the purchase when we stayed at the hotel over night. Next came my first encounter with Dinosaurs at the Natural History museum in Grand Junction, CO or there about. So from there started an obsession, and I had to have dinosaur this and dinosaur that soon after. I even recall that when "Jurassic Park" was published in 1989, and I was merely five to six years old, I wanted a copy, but my mother had told me it was a big kid's book, and she didn't think I would understand it given my age. However, soon after the movie was released, we purchased the book for me to read. Then years later, when my friends and I went to the local theater (Movies 10) in North Canton, OH to see a movie, I believe it was Aladdin, I saw posters for "Jurassic Park" and my heart soared with excitement because of the fact it involved dinosaurs, and last of all, the fact I had seen the book in the store years ago.

Excited by the extent of there being a film, I marked June 11th, 1993 on my calendar and counted down the days from the time I saw the poster in the theater. Many months, no - wait - at least what seemed like a year, passed and my dinosaur calendar was filled with X's counting down the days - in pencil of course. Before the film came out, which was soon, my mother and I had gone to the local Toys R Us and we found Jurassic Park action figures galore, so my first JP figures were: Young Tyrannosaurus Rex, Robert Muldoon, and Ellie Sattler - whom were ironically my favorite characters after watching the film and each successive week after that we purchased a 25 dollars worth of JP figures, as much as my allowance could afford.

June 11th came, and I saw the film. I was enthralled and terrified at the same time. Of course being only 8 to 9 years old and seeing a T.rex attack a car with kids nearly your age inside was a bit terrifying, but I stayed and watched. I then went back and saw it again when I went over the road with my dad, and before it was about to leave theaters, I saw it one last time. I held onto every little thing that said Jurassic Park on it, anything that I could get my hands on, especially the item they handed out at the theater. They offered six promo JP "Pogs" when I went to see the film the day it came out. Now I have these promo pogs, and I relatively have the full set of the others now. I had constantly hoped for a second film, and I got the The Lost World novel in fifth grade - which I read that year and hoped the movie would be like that. In some respects it was, and in some it was not, when it came out. The films were truly a different entity from the novels and I liked that a bit. TLW was something I looked forward to, and I continued to watch "ET" for news about the second film. My wish then came true during the Super Bowl - a teaser for TLW aired, luckily I had the VCR ready to record the commercials in case something was advertised that I liked. I wore the VCR tape out from repeatedly watching the teaser.

After TLW came up, my fandom for JP became more apparent and my downstairs was "Isla Nublar" and my upstairs was "Site B", where both my JP and TLW toys were respectively put. At the time I had complete, to near complete, sets. Unfortunately, due to moving, I had to postpone finishing my collection until I discovered eBay, and I'm now happy to report I have the complete toy sets of every thing now, minus the repaints in the Chaos Effect toy line. During my Star Wars phase I went through, I heard George Lucas drop a mention of Jurassic Park 3 being made soon and possibly helping on it. I spazed out with excitement and found inGenNET in late 1999.

What I found at inGenNET and within the JP community at large at the time was the idea - with a few others - to start the Jurassic Park Encyclopedia. My fandom and my belief that fans should have an organized research bank for information and trivia about the franchise was important to me, and JP3's over looming release date was a good tool for motivation to complete the movie end of the Encyclopedia research. My introduction as a staff member on inGenNET was later met by JP3's theatrical release nearly a year after I joined up allowing me to see a community surging with life and experience the fandom at it's peak. Something that I have seen happen again since launching JPLegacy. I enjoyed JP3 the first time I saw it. I wasn't disappointed over the Spinosaurus (I loved the idea of a new carnivore), but what I was disappointed with was the aspect of the length of the film and how rushed the storyline felt. In the end, JP is my passion and allows me to remember the positive elements of my youth.

JP wasn't just a movie with dinosaurs, it was a saga to me and a story about science, morality, ambition, philosophy, and cautionary tales about human greed. JP opened up my interest into classical music more than it already was, genetics, computers, and from the computers - web design. My interest in dinosaurs still runs strongly to this day.

Real Name: Mike
Position: Administrative Affairs Manager
Birthday: September 15th, 1998
Contact: mulder@jplegacy.org
About me: *doge*

I got into Dinosaurs during preschool and it's probably what set me onto the path of being a geek. My earliest memory of Jurassic Park is the JP3 toys and buying them even though I didn't see the movie in theaters. My first JP movie was JP3 on VHS though I only saw it once and wasn't huge on it. During a vacation to Pennsylvania my dad got me The Lost World on DVD and that's how I got really into the franchise. The franchise stuck with me as I grew up and branched out into other things like Godzilla which in a way splintered off from this. I joined JPL in January 2008 back when I was way too young. :P But over time I matured and got better, and after a unintended year or so break I came back and rose through the ranks of RS, to mod, to admin.

Real Name:
Birthday: June 3, 1998
Position: Forum Manager
Contact: pokesaurus@jplegacy.org
About me: Some personal things to start with are I was born in June of 1998, so I guess you could say my birthday's proximity to the anniversary of JP's release was a foreshadowing of things to come. I was born and currently reside in Georgia, and am a huge fan of the Pokemon franchise (as you can likely tell through my username) as well as video games in general. While my future career path is a complete unknown to me at the moment, I have always been interested in zoology and biology in general. My current goal is to survive high school and move on to college and get a degree in whatever field I end up in. I've been a Jurassic Park fan since the age of four, and the idea of a Jurassic Park IV made me always interested in discussing the franchise with others. I always loved Jurassic Park games, especially Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. In fact, JP:OG is what led me to discovering JPLegacy in the first place, as I wanted a place to share my "epic" JPOG machinimas. Of course I soon realized there was more to this place than crappy JPOG videos, so I stuck around and gained a love for the site that is yet to be replicated elsewhere. I am also a fan of the Jurassic Park novels as well. As far as the film franchise goes, the original will always be my favorite and my expectations for Jurassic World are through the roof. Being a part of this community has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, as the shared interest in my most beloved franchise has allowed for me to meet and befriend many great people I would have never done so before. To be an administrator of this website is a privilege I am very proud to have and I try my best to be the best one I can be.

Real Name:
Birthday: March 25th 1996
Position: JPLegacy Forum Theme Designer
Contact: nemosoul@jplegacy.org
About me:I was introduced into the world of JP when I was born. My birth pillow had dinosaurs on it, as well as my baby bed and stroller. My parents knowing I was the only male in our family at that time knew that I would grow up around my female cousins, decided that a dinosaur theme for my room would be great. In the 90’s dinosaurs were very popular so getting dinosaur themed items was very simple. As I grew older I got my first real dinosaur toy, not counting baby toys. It was a green cheap T. Rex from a 80’s based mold, nothing special but that one toy would spark my love for dinosaurs. As I started getting older, movies really held my attention, and where I lived as a child, cable television was a luxury. The local blockbuster got probably 20% of my father’s income for the years to come. When I was two The Lost World commercials started airing, seeing dinosaurs on Tv was exciting, so my parents went and rented it for me to watch. I was a toddler so I don’t even know if I really sat down watched it, most of these memories have just been told to me by my parents. When I turned three my birthday cake was TLW themed and I received many dinosaur gifts, almost all of them was cheap dinosaurs from Family Dollar, except for my present from my parents, a TLW Parasaurolophus.

That year really started the obsession, I was watching JP and TLW back to back, rewinding at watching again. I started quoting the movies everywhere, but only one quote according to my mother was when a bird pooped on the car window. I asked her “Is that West Indian Lilac?” and she was very confused until she watched JP again with me that night. It quickly turned into a childhood dream to become a paleontologist , but this caused problems with me from an early age. My more distant family are very religious, so me learning about the asteroid that hit earth and wiped out the dinosaurs caused quite a controversy with my family. It was accustom to me hearing that Noah’s Ark wiped out the dinosaurs, so I struggled at an early age with learning the truth about real dinosaurs, so my imagination turned more twords the JP dinosaurs, with their spliced blood. I grew up with JP on my mind every day, making some great lifelong friends along the way.

I had discovered JPL when I was still very much a child in elementary school, which would have had to have been in 2003-04. I knew this website as the go to place for Jurassic park information and art, but I only stayed on the actual main page. I’ll never forget that awesome dinosaur ambiance when I joined on my dial-up internet. I always came back to see if JP4 was coming yet, always hoping the next year would bring something. When I was a sophomore, I came back to look at the toys because I had decided to start collecting again since I had heard that there was a new line coming. I discovered there was a forum and joined around the same week that JP3D was released and fell in love with the community and feel of the forum. Imagine my surprise when Jurassic World was announced the same month I finally joined the forum. In school I started learning Photoshop and coding, so of course I photoshoped dinosaurs, and when I found out JPL was looking for staff members I jumped at the chance to share my art on the website, and for it to be there forever. I’m still learning but I’m getting better every day. I will continue my love for Jurassic Park forever.

Real Name: Josh
Position: Public Relations Manager
July 18, 1992
Contact: trexking@jplegacy.org
Where do we start? I was about 4 years old and I had no idea what a Dinosaur was. I lived in Queensland, Australia. My Grandmother sent me a few VCR Tapes of movies for me to watch, one of them being Jurassic Park, I was amazed. These animals were beautiful, but terrifying at the same time. I remember cowering behind the lounge during the Dilophosaurus scenes with Nedry or when the Raptors enter the kitchen with Lex and Tim. Shortly after this It would have been my 5th birthday, I received another package from my Grandmother which had a The Lost World : Jurassic Park poster, a VHS copy of The Lost World : Jurassic Park and last but not least my very first Jurassic Park toy, A Chasmosaurus. I remember having nightmares from the Raptors of TLW, me thinking that the Raptors were in my house. Years went on and then we come to 18/07/2001. The release of JP3. Having coinciding with my birthday I had my friends with me as we watch this addition to the franchise. We all loved it. I loved the idea of the Spinosaurus, despite the fact he killed my favourite Dinosaur!. I have my critique about the film now but back then I just enjoyed seeing Dinosaurs come to life one more time.

Throughout my life other dinosaur related material has caught my eye. I am a massive fan of the Walking With Dinosaurs series, Dinotopia, Prehistoric Park etc. It was not until 2007, 4 years after its initial release, I had found out about Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. Truth be told, up until this point my interest in the genre was decreasing, but this spiked it back to itís maximum. Given the age of the game, I had to do some digging to find it. Eventually I found it, on PC. I race home and install it on my computer and there is where we come to the next chapter in this story. Reading about some modifications that could be implemented into the game. I stumble across this website that has a whole section dedicated to this game!. It was Jurassic Park Legacy.

Here I found a website completely dedicated to my beloved franchise. It was everything I had wanted in a website. The information contained within, the Encyclopaedia, everything was incredible. I soon became a member of the forum section of the website, not seeing too many Australian members at the time on the message boards. I began my time here at JPL. I was very noonish, very immature and obnoxious at times, but over the years I had learned from my mistakes and become a proper member of the site. JPL was an escape for me. I told nobody of this website, nor my constant love of the franchise and Palaeontology as a whole. It was like a second life for me. I had partaken in the creation in many fan sites after JPL, only for them to dwindle from lack of commitment. I then had decided to give 100% dedication to the boards here. Applying for Live the Legend Moderator initially ( Long live LtL). As time went by I was eventually promoted to Forum Moderator, being tasked with over looking the Games section of the device. During my teenage life I had problems with committing to the site, leaving my position as a moderator for a while, even taking a break from the website as a whole. During my returns that I had, I helped work on the Novel Canon Mod as a skin implementer and basic coder and continued to help with LtL but it was not until 2012 where I finally stuck around for more than a few months at a time. I was no more than a regular forum member, one of now few Australian members of the forum. I spent my time here discussing JPOG, LtL before its retirement and the impending announcement of what we now know as Jurassic World.

I have been back of the Staff Team for around 12 Months now, initially as a Moderator for around 8 months, then moving onto Research staff and now I work closely with Tyrannosaur and the other Administrators as an Administrator myself. Together we help run the website, provide information to the encyclopaedia, post news reports and run the message boards. It is an absolute pleasure to be a part of the core staff team here now and JPL and look forward to the future no matter where it takes us!

A Little bit about me now!, I live in Sydney, Australia, I am 23 years old and have currently been with my partner for around 4 years now. I am a Service Technician at Apple Inc and have previously worked for various Telecommunication Companies. My Partner and I are currently expecting our first child, hoping that this little one is as big a fan of Dinosaurs just like his/herís Daddy. I look forward to the future both in my personal life and in my time here at Jurassic Park Legacy. See you all on the boards!

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