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Jurassic Park Legacy - The Lost World - Production Information
The Lost World Production Information
The Lost World: Jurassic Park Financial Information:

$73,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend
$92,729,064 (USA)
Domestic Total Gross
Worldwide Total Gross
$212,953,000 (USA)

Looking for more information about the production of The Lost World: Jurassic Park? Head on over to Box Office Mojo's The Lost World: Jurassic Park section.

The Lost World : Jurassic Park Filming Locations:

Filming Dates
4 September 1996 - 20 December 1996

The Bowman Family picnic on Isla Sorna: Kipu Kai Beach, Kipu Ranch, Kauai, HI.

Cathy Bowman is attacked by Compys: Kipu Kai Beach, Kipu Ranch, Kauai, HI.

inGen Headquarters Board Room: San Diego, CA Skyrise.

Mombasa, Kenya, Africa: Backlot, Universal Studios Hollywood, CA.

Dr. Ian Malcolm in the New York City Subway: New York City Subway, New York.

John Hammond's New York Mansion: Mayfield Senior Girl's School's Strub Hall, 500 Bellefontaine St., Pasadena, CA.

John Hammond's bedroom and office: Strub Hall's Den.

Eddie Carr's Garage: Lot Garage, Universal Studios Hollywood, CA.

Barge in the Isla Sorna Lagoon: Nawiliwili Bay, Lihue, Kauai, HI.

Mobile Lab Trailers and Mercedes M-Classes in the field: Kipu Ranch, Kauai, HI.

Stegosaurus Herd: Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Eureka, CA.

Gatherers' Basecamp:
Daytime Shots: Patrick Point State Park's Overlook, Eureka, CA.
Nighttime Shots: Patrick Point State Park's Overlook, Eureka, CA, Stage 27, 24, 23, and 22, Universal Studios Hollywood, CA, and Universal Studios' Parking Building.

inGen Dinosaur Round-Up: Private Ranch, Fieldbrook, CA.

Gatherers watch the inGen Round-Up: Ceremonial Rock, Patrick Point State Park, Eureka, CA.

Tyrannosaurus Nest: Stage 28, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA.

inGen's Basecamp: Stage 12, Universal Studios Hollywood, CA and the Los Angeles County Arboretum, 301 N. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, CA.

High Hide: Cal Barrel, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Eureka, CA.

Hunters and Gatherers trek across Isla Sorna: Kipu Ranch, Kauai, HI.

Compys attack and kill Dieter Stark: Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, Eureka, CA.

Hunters' and Gatherers' Camp: Stage 12 and 24, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA.

Female Tyrannosaurus Ravine Chase: Stage 28, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA.

Velociraptors in the long grass: Rural Newhall, CA.

Dinosaur Graveyard, inGen Worker Village, and Operations Center: Backlot, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA.

San Diego, California Skyline: San Diego, CA.

inGen Harbor and Waterfront Complex in San Diego: Los Angeles Harbor, San Pedro, CA and San Diego, CA.

Tyrannosaurus roars with San Diego in the background: Coronado Island, San Diego, CA.

Benjamin's House and Neighborhood:
Exteriors: Granada Hills suburbs, CA.
Interiors: Stage 24, Universal Studios Hollywood, CA.

Jurassic Park : San Diego:
Exteriors: Miniature
Interiors: Unknown Sound Stage at Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA

Tyrannosaurus Bus Chase in San Diego: Media Center, Burbank, CA.

Bus crashes into Blockbuster Video Storefront in San Diego: Empty Lot, Burbank, CA.

Unlucky Bastard is eaten by the Tyrannosaurus in San Diego: Media Center, Burbank, CA.

Tyrannosaurus at the Union 76 Gas Station in San Diego: Unocal 76 Gas Station, Granada Hills, CA.

Mombasa, Kenya, Africa: Old Mexico Set, Backlot, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA.

Worker Village Kiln House & Shed
Stage 22, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA.

Hill slide to the Dinosaur Graveyard: Backlot, Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA.

Jurassic Park San Diego InGen Security Entrance Gate: Truck Entrance Gate Universal Studios, Lankershim Blvd, Hollywood, CA.

Ending scene with the Tyrannosaurs, Stegosaurs, and Pteranodons: Kipu Ranch, Kauai, HI.


Level Five ? The Lab (T/C)
Level Three ? Industrial Jungle (T/C)
Carl Lewis (S/F-TG)
Bribri Tribe (S/F)
Nublar Tufted Deer (S/F)

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