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Jurassic Park Legacy - Trike Encounter
Islands Of Adventure: Jurassic Park Island

Triceratops Encounter

Opened: March 1999
Closed: 2002/2003
Type: Interactive Exhibition
Show Time: About 20 Minutes

For the first time ever humans can pet a "living" dinosaur. At the feed and control stations, trainers will teach guests the family history of the resident 24 foot long, 10 foot high Triceratops. The trainers will explain everything from the creature's emotional state to her feeding habits. Incorporating state-of-the-art principals of hydraulic physics, mechanics and space-age robotics, this exhibit contains the most advanced animatronic animals ever created. The creature's responses to touch include realistic blinks and muscle flinches.

Also, while waiting in line, you can view various props from Jurassic Park such as the vehicles, night-vision goggles, and so forth. You also can view feeding schedules of the animals in the park. This part of the attraction was the "JP: Animal Control" and served the role of an atmosphere setter in order to get you excited about your experience with the Triceratops.

Some would have doubts about this attraction, but those who have experienced the ride have said that doubts will quickly vanish. Originally, there were approximately three Triceratops in this experience, each with their own trainer. As to which Triceratops you saw was all decided by the crowd managers, but mostly it's believed that they were all the same.

Each Triceratops weighed approximately 25,000 pounds, which makes them weigh more than two elephants combined!

The Problems with the Trikes

Unfortunately, the ride closed and only a Triceratops skeleton with a description of the animal now blocks the path. The Triceratops Encounter is believed to have been closed due to the fact that many people were not getting a chance to pet the Triceratops. Park employees and actors claim stated that the Triceratops just got too big to be pet by visitors. Fortunately, it is possible to request to Universal to re-open this ride, likely with a re-vamped idea; they do like to hear suggestions and helpful comments from their visitors.


Level Five ? The Lab (T/C)
Level Three ? Industrial Jungle (T/C)
Carl Lewis (S/F-TG)

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