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There's a petition to update the dinosaurs!

Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - 20:53 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

There's a new petition going around to update the dinosaurs for future Jurassic Park movies. Be sure to check it out and sign it!

JPLegacy December Podcast Up!

Date: Sunday, December 7, 2014 - 18:25 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

Check out our thoughts on the latest happenings in Jurassic World. Subscribe to our RSS feed for it here. You may download the episode here.

Jurassic World Trailer

Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 - 13:04 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

Jurassic World Teaser!

Date: Sunday, November 23, 2014 - 11:31 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

Masrani Global Viral website launched!

Date: Monday, November 17, 2014 - 21:21 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Today was a momentous day in Jurassic World news, as we witnessed the launch of the MasraniGlobal viral website. This website is a precursor to the Jurassic World movie, giving vital information about the company behind Jurassic World.

As you enter the website, you first witness the Masrani logo on the top bar, alongside buttons for 'Home', 'About', 'Investors', 'Media' and 'Careers'. We will discuss each one of them, as well as their subcategories as we go through this website. In addition, there is a large picture of Masrani looking inquisitive as there is a button marked 'enter' which takes you to the 'home' page of the site.

The 'Home' page is very exhaustive and covers many of the secrets of the park. It also links to several other sub-pages which detail even more about Masrani operations. I will go over each individually, beginning with the home page.

The home page lists three pictures with the headings, 'vision', 'innovation', and 'success'. The picture shows Masrani in a triumphant pose next to a helicopter, the next one shows amber with mosquitos inside of it. The third details a row of eggs with QR codes on them, the purpose of which is unknown to us at this current time.

The page lists a 'news' section as you scroll down, the importance of which is immediately apparent. Masrani apparently owns InGen, as it lists an InGen facility in Siberia named 'Martel' The goal of this is apparently to obtain organic remains from 40,000 to 200,000 years ago with an emphasis on obtaining Wooly Mammoth specimens. The news brief details Henry Wu as declaring that he is excited to add to the genetic library.

There is a massive link in the middle of the page, with the heading 'Visit Jurassic World: The World's Greatest Theme Park". It has the skeleton of a spinosaurid in the background as well. Below, are three main link, the 'Mascom Network', 'Masrani Oil Industries', and 'InGen Technologies'. I will cover them briefly shortly.

The 'About' page gives these same links, but gives as well a full description of the history of the Masrani Company. It details who founded it, giving the name of the CEO as Simon Masrani. There is also an interactive map listing the major offices of the Masrani company and its offices around the globe.

According to the 'about' brief, Masrani acquired InGen in 1998, shortly after John Hammond died. This details when Jurassic World began construction, in 2002-2004. It also talks about how Masrani's company is now a top fortune 500 company as well as holding investments all over the world.

The links for 'Mascom Network', which is detailed as the longest running sector of the company. It seems unrelated to Jurassic World, with the exception of one tidbit detailing that there is a telecommunications facility that Masrani operates in San Jose, Costa Rica and it is the newest installation.

The Masrani Oil page, is at first unrelated to Jurassic World as well, however a closer investigation is intriguing. It details that Masrani Oil is responsible for 21 percent of the world's transportation sector. An amount of money, that would enable the company to be able to have massive purchasing power in the private sector. The company expects to earn a 125 billion dollar investment in a fifteen year span as well.

The third sub-category of the 'about' page is 'InGen Technologies'. This page is one of the most important pages as it indicates the history of InGen's acquisition by Masrani. It also has a very important graph indicating how each bit of investment money in InGen is categorized.

The page describes that after the events of Jurassic Park, Henry Wu joined the clean-up teams to catalogue the animals, and determine how they were breeding. Wu eventually discovered the cause, and wrote a book about it in which he shared his theories about gene splicing. The description he provides is similar to the rumors of the Indominus Rex, or I-Rex which has long been rumored for this movie. He was eventually brought back into the ranks of InGen upon its acquisition by Masrani

The page indicates a very extensive five step process of how the animals are raised. I will not indicate how it is here, since the information is thoroughly presented on the site. However, there is a mention of a new gene sequencing computer named after John Hammond which can code a genome in an hour.

The next major section on the site is 'investors' in which we learn more about Jurassic World. It declares that Jurassic World opened to the public in 2005, and is expecting its 10 millionth visitor as well. It lists its profit per company in 2013 as totaling 20 million dollars for Jurassic World alone. It also states that Jurassic World has been a controversial project, with numbers only reaching their peak during the American Holiday season.

The COO is also named as Richard Wiesner, who indicates a wish for the theme park to expand. He declares that Jurassic World has experienced a gradual loss of public interest, It also declares that major plans are indicated for Jurassic World, with 300 hotel rooms being barely a start.

There is also a Media page that lists nine unique and never before seen pictures. These pictures include photographs of Masrani, and Henry Wu, alongside these of InGen Workers. There is a skeleton of a spinosaurid, apparently exposed to the open air since it appears to be night time. There are also two shots of helicopters, one with an InGen logo on the side.

The last section is a careers page which is intended to be the fictional application station for the company. In the applications, it lists a position as an intern genetic biologist in their team in San Diego. Clicking the link...engages fans in a very fun easter egg we think you will enjoy.

The final final section is detailing Jurassic World itself. It describes Axis Boulder Engineering and Timack construction as operating on Nublar first under Masrani's direction. They operated the preparation and planning before construction began. The website declares 1.2 billion spent on construction materials, which heavily indicates the presence of the rumored 'wall' separating the north side of the island from the more developed side. They also write that security was extremely present to guard the workers from the 'native wildlife' until construction was complete. This may indicate the presence of remnant dinosaurs running wild at least until Jurassic World opened.

Masrani gave a statement also on the website that this security was to ensure that a repeat of the Jurassic Park disaster would not happen again. He indicated as well that the park was under heavy scrutiny by the media and conservation groups. They faced a problem in public relations and they had to be sure people would not be too scared to come.

At the bottom of the page, there are three separate blurbs that give a lot of information about the background and of the island. It details that there was an indigenous tribe called the Bribri who lived on Isla Nublar. They called it 'Water House' and themselves as the 'Water Men'. It is noted that prior to the construction of the original Jurassic Park the last remaining inhabitants were displaced and resettled off-island. This may be a nod to Jurassic Park The Game, as Nima was originally an inhabitant of the island before InGen took over.

The second blurb details the native wildlife, most particularly, detailing a small species of deer that makes the islands their home. The native wildlife is under the protection of an agreement between InGen and the Costa Rican Environmental protection society for the indigenous wildlife of Isla Nublar. Tellingly, it omits any reference to any animals that may still be wild beyond the control of Masrani as being under this agreement.

The third blurb details that over a third of the power obtained by the park is taken from solar power. The other sixty percent is taken from Geothermal power processed in the north of the Island. This location is listed as Mt. Sibo. This is intriguing because Jurassic Park The Game also feature a large geothermal plant in the north of the Island. Nima's tribe also originally revered this mountain as well. Given that the mountain is in the north of the island, it is likely situated well away from tourists.

Official Jurassic World Site has launched!

Date: Monday, November 17, 2014 - 20:08 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

The Official Jurassic World Site Launched today, along with a vial site for The Masrani Organization. For the purposes of news, and space, we will cover the secrets of the Jurassic World site first, and then the Masrani site second.

The first thing you see when you click on the site is a Jurassic Park logo in the upper right hand corner. There is also links to social media, which go to the official Jurassic World social media pages. There is also a temperature reading which lists the temperature currently. There is a link to the Masrani site along the top bar, which shows the logo and a link to the lab.

There is also a sidebar along the top, which details 'factoids' under the heading of 'latest news'. It also periodically refreshes them, granting new facts. The details it lists are spoilery, so I will list them with the appropriate tag.

-Got a question? Need directions? Ask any of our park staff with a Jurassic World nametag. Customer service is in our DNA
-When the sun sets on Jurassic World, itís time for adventure of a different kind with our signature tropical cocktails at Margaritaville
-Bask in luxury at the world famous Hilton Isla Nublar Resort and Spa.
-Get around Isla Nublar faster than you can say "Archaeornithomimus," on the Jurassic World Monorail.
-Reach out and touch living history at the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo.
-Stock up on dino gear thatís dino-mite at Jurassic Traders Gift Shop, now offering 20% off on select items.
-Looking for a little competition? It's survival of the fittest at our Jurassic Tennis Center.
-Fore! Tee off on 18 beautiful holes lined with lush Jurassic flora. The only golf course that was 65 million years in the making.
-Welcome to the safest theme park in the world. We spared no expense to develop the most sophisticated safety systems in history
-Plan a special night out at Winston's Steakhouse. Reservations required for 6 or more.

Many of these indicate specific locations within Jurassic World. It is very indicative of the resort nature of the new park. Of special interest are the references to the first Jurassic Park movie. A petting zoo is also confirmed as well, as a new dinosaur is being teased. Whether that will make it into the movie is unknown.

There is a countdown on the site, although what it is counting down to is currently unknown. The countdown will end on Thanksgiving, at 9pm, so it is then that we will discover what it was counting down too.

The background is also of interest, there being two separate backgrounds that shift and change. The first background is blue in color. The second is purple in color. They both have the monorail as their backdrop, but the dinosaurs seen in the background are different as also the exact location of the monorail. The first background has the monorail and a gyrosphere in the foreground with a rider inside of it facing right. The second background has the rider facing left.

The blue background shows an Ankylosaurus, a few sauropods, a Stegosaurus, Gallimimus, and what may be Compys. The purple background shows sauropods in the forefront, a Stegosaurus, and a Triceratops.

Stay tuned to Jurassic Park Legacy for more info.

D-rex concept leaked?

Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 17:05 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Be warned, an image surfaced this week that is highly controversial. It was apparently given to someone, and signed by Crash McCreery as well. The image is purportedly of the 'Diabolicus Rex' or 'Indominus Rex' that features a large role in the new 'Jurassic World' movie.

Lex to be mentioned in Jurassic World.

Date: Sunday, October 19, 2014 - 14:20 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Previously it was believed that only two people from Jurassic Park would be mentioned in the newest installment of the franchise-John Hammond as a Statue, and BD Wong as a scientist. However, we at Jurassic Park Legacy have learned recently that Hammond's grandaughter Lex, will play some role in the movie.

No information on if Ariana Richards is acting in it as of now. In fact, our source indicates that she may not be acting in it.. However, our source confirms that her character of Lex does play some role in the plot. No word on what this role may be, but it is an interesting turn of events. Since the word from the source indicates that Lex may be discussed, this could be interesting in light of news that a Hammond statue is apparently being displayed in the Jurassic World visitor's center.

Maybe Lex disapproves of her grandfather's image being displayed in this way and that is where she is name-dropped? Perhaps she is referenced by another character as well. Time will tell exactly what role she plays. It may be fundamental to the plot, but may be as little as a name-drop.

Jurassic World comes into theaters on June 12, 2015. The movie is directed by Colin Trevorrow and stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, Nick Robinson, Omar Sy, and Lauren Lapkus.

Colin Trevorrow teases a new set picture from Jurassic World

Date: Monday, September 22, 2014 - 22:32 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Today, Colin Trevorrow the director of 'Jurassic World' tweeted a picture out with the label 'August'. The picture appears to show the East Dock sign from the first Jurassic Park movie rusted and covered with leaves. The sign appears to be intact, and untouched from where it fell when Dennis Nedry dropped it in the first movie before attempting to winch his jeep back down.

(The Picture in question)

The intriguing thing about this picture is its significance to the original Jurassic Park. In the original, Nedry crashed into this sign distorting its intended direction before he could get to the East Dock. He proceeded to crash into a tree root while it was raining, and faced a slippery mudslide. He lost his glasses nearby, and encountered a Dilophosaurus which attacked him. He lost his barbasol can containing embryos in the mud as he was mauled.

This background provides extremely intriguing potentials for a possible scene for Jurassic World. It may indicate several things, which we at Jurassic Park Legacy will proceed to break down, and indicate what they may mean. First of all, this picture is a return to hinting at past locations by Colin Trevorrow, as his last such promotional picture was of presumably the skeleton in the old visitor's center.

Second, it may indicate seeing the old Jeep in Jurassic World. If Nedry's jeep is beyond the wall, it may have been relatively undisturbed in the previous twenty years since. This idea is given credence due to past depictions including the Jurassic World SDCC promotional poster which displayed a raptor atop the crashed explorer from the first film.

Thirdly, it was in this area that Nedry was ambushed by the Dilophosaurus. Much is still reliant on the final placement of the old park in the context of the new park but...this may indicate if it takes place beyond the wall, of a possible reference or cameo by Dilophosaurus. Certainly it is a deliberate recall of the famous scene of Nedry's demise which so far marks the only on screen appearance of the DIlophosaurs in physical form although they have made cameos in both The Lost World and Jurassic Park three in far more subtle ways.

Lastly, it is a possible callback to the Barbasol can. Previous drafts of Jurassic Park four focused on retrieving the can and it was something Spielberg deliberately left open during the first film. Although the embryos in the can would be long since dead, it is possible that this may be for a flashback, and the can may play some role even symbolically in the film. It is important to note however that the timing is odd. Nedry was originally hired to steal the embryos under the direction of Dodgson who was in Biosyn's employ. The can thus is tied to Biosyn directly, and in several ways was the original cause of the Isla Nublar incident. So the question is even if Biosyn plays no role (but rumors persist that Biosyn may play a role in the toy line at least) what could this all be leading to?

Richard Attenborough in Memoriam.

Date: Sunday, August 24, 2014 - 20:53 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Richard Attenborough (Aug 1923- August 2014)

It is with a profound sense of regret that we here at Jurassic Park Legacy are eulogizing Richard Attenborough in his passing. The BBC confirmed earlier today that Richard Attenborough passed away today at the age of 90 according to his son David Attenborough. The news of his death has impacted not only the Jurassic Park community, but also Hollywood as well.

Joe Mazzello (Tim Murphy) paying tribute

Sam Neil (Alan Grant) paying tribute

Samuel L. Jackson (Ray Arnold) paying tribute.

Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow also shared a tribute:

In light of this sad event, we at Jurassic Park Legacy have decided to eulogize this great man by allowing the community to mourn with us. We will never forget how his performance in Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park inspired us and amazed us the first time. May we never forget. We have included testimonials from both the JPL facebook as well as the message board so that everyone has their chance.

Facebook testimonials:

"He was so great asi John Hammond. He made me to build a small Jurassic Park in our garden and I remember everytime I said to my parents "Welcome to Jurassic Park" I had goosebumps all over my body... he was a great actor he will be missed and never forgotten...Rest in Peace"

"I'm shocked, very upsetting, John Hammond is the reason we love jurassic park, without Hammond there was simply no jurassic park, no dinosaurs, hope jurassic world is dedicated to Richard Attenborough"

"I grew up watching him. JP was and still is my favourite movie, and John Hammond was always, and always shall be, remembered as the kooky fun old grandpa that he was. It feels like losing a family member. I'll need to attach a black band on my JP Jeep in his memory. Rest in peace, Mr. Hammond. You will be dearly missed by many."

And now onto our message board tributes:

From Manager Harris:
"Yes, the legacy that Richard Attenborough has left behind is enormous and has been an inspiration to us all. And many people would want the chance to say goodbye.

R.I.P. Richard Attenborough"

From Pokesaurus:
"RIP Richard. John Hammond was always one my my favorite JP characters, and there could have been no better person to take on his roll than you. I'd say his passing is more impactful to me than any other celebrity death. You will be forever missed."


"he was the true reason i went into paleontology as my chosen profession."


"RIP Lord Richard Attenborough. You made Hammond a lovable character and you will be missed. "
This loss hits us hard here at Jurassic Park Legacy. We share our condolences to the family, who are hit hardest of all. If you would like to leave your thoughts about his passing, share them on our message board.

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