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Jurassic World Blu Ray Release giveaway!

Date: Thursday, October 8, 2015 - 23:09 (Eastern)
Author: Trex_King

Greetings everyone!

We have teamed up with the guys from Universal to bring you another #TeamJurassic awesome giveaway!

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Jurassic World Blu Ray/DVD, we have some awesome prizes to give away!

One Lucky winner will receive a Jurassic World Stomp and Strike Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure courtesy of Hasbro!!!!!

JURASSIC WORLD STOMP & STRIKE TYRANNOSAURUS REX Dinosaur (Ages 4 years & up/Approx. The powerful Tyrannosaurus rex stomps onto the JURASSIC WORLD scene! This ULTIMATE TYRANNOSAURUS REX figure features an intimidating stomping action when kids press down on its body. Push down on its tail and this beast will let out a ferocious roar before its mouth shuts.

All you have to do is simple, head on over to our Facebook page, like the page and message us what new Dinosaurs never before seen in the franchise that you want to see and why! The winner will be chosen at random through selection of the most unique reason why your animal should show up in the next Jurassic World movie!

If you are not on Facebook, you can join our forums and Private Message TrexKing with your answer and that will still be accepted. We will also be taking submissions on our Twitter!

We are all excited for the upcoming media release of Jurassic World and to celebrate is a clip from the special features of the Blu Ray!

We look forward to hearing all of your submissions and will announce the winner within the next little while!

About Jurassic World
The #1 movie of the year proves that once again, dinosaurs rule the earth. #JurassicWorld is stomping onto Blu-ray and DVD this month!

The Jurassic World theme park lets guests experience the thrill of witnessing actual dinosaurs, but something ferocious lurks behind the park’s attractions – a genetically modified dinosaur with savage capabilities. When the massive creature escapes, chaos erupts across the island. Now it’s up to Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) to save the park’s tourists from an all-out prehistoric assault.

Jurassic World wins VFX award

Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 13:24 (Eastern)
Author: Nublar7

Tim Alexander and Jurassic World are set to receive the "Hollywood Visual Effects Award" at this year's Hollywood Film Awards.

This is the second VFX award that Jurassic World has been nominated for so far and it's first win. Jurassic World will find out in November if it also won the VFX award at the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards. A lot of Hollywood experts think there is a good chance Jurassic World could receive an Oscar nominaton for its visual effects.

Let us know what you think in our forums!

Universal releases Jurassic World blu ray commercial

Date: Monday, October 5, 2015 - 21:18 (Eastern)
Author: Nublar7

Universal Pictures this evening released a commercial for the Jurassic World blu ray which will be released on October 20th. Check it out below:

Let us know what you think on the forums!

Jurassic World earns $281,000 in 17th weekend

Date: Sunday, October 4, 2015 - 15:08 (Eastern)
Author: Nublar7

Jurassic World is currently available on Digital HD and will be released on blu ray on October 20th. However, the movie theater experience is still an option and people continued to choose that route as the film made an estimated $281,000 this weekend according to 'The Numbers'. Jurassic World dropped 28% from last weekend and the domestic total now stands at an estimated $650.82 million.

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Own Jurassic World today on Digital HD

Date: Thursday, October 1, 2015 - 12:15 (Eastern)
Author: Nublar7

The Jurassic World blu ray release date is officially October 20th, but today you can own the film on Digital HD. Head on over to iTunes to own the #1 movie of the year.

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JoBlo set visit preview

Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 18:02 (Eastern)
Author: Nublar7

JoBlo released a video preview for their blu ray promotion set visit that took place last week in Hawaii. More videos from the event will go online shortly, but for the moment enjoy the small preview from JoBlo.

Let us know what you think on the forums!

Jurassic World earns $386,905 in 16th weekend

Date: Sunday, September 27, 2015 - 11:51 (Eastern)
Author: Nublar7

As the Jurassic World blu ray release day continues to get closer, the film is winding down its run in theaters. Based on studio estimates from 'The Numbers', Jurassic World dropped 39% from last weekend with an estimated $386,905 at the domestic box office this weekend. The domestic total now stands at an estimated $650.439 million.

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Jurassic World joins Avatar and Titanic in exclusive club

Date: Thursday, September 24, 2015 - 14:32 (Eastern)
Author: Nublar7

A long list of accomplishments for Jurassic World just got a little longer as the film on Wednesday crossed the $650 million mark at the domestic box office according to 'The Numbers'. Jurassic World's domestic total currently stands at $650,010,785.

By hitting $650 million, it becomes only the 3rd film all-time joining Avatar and Titanic to do so unadjusted. It is also the second fastest film to hit this mark, doing so in 104 days. Avatar is the fastest, doing so in 58 days.

Also as of Wednesday, the international total stands at $1,011,445,564 and the worldwide total is $1,661,456,349.

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Jurassic World nominated for VFX award

Date: Monday, September 21, 2015 - 18:54 (Eastern)
Author: Nublar7

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Jurassic World has been nominated for "Outstanding Visual Effects – Feature Film" at the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards
Birdman was nominated for color grading, sound and VFX. In the later, the VFX work of the team from Rodeo FX will square off against this summer's Jurassic World and Tomorrowland (both nominated teams are from Industrial Light & Magic), as well as last year's The Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies (Weta) and Into the Woods (MPC).

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Colin Trevorrow talks Jurassic World sequels

Date: Monday, September 21, 2015 - 14:58 (Eastern)
Author: Nublar7

Director Colin Trevorrow joined the crew at Jurassic Cast Podcast for a follow up interview following the release of Jurassic World. He shared his thoughts on the film and even dropped some news nuggets in regards to the sequel that it due to hit theaters in June of 2018. He also revealed that Jurassic World is just part one of a planned trilogy. Take a listen to the interview below.

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