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Jurassic World : The Game Now available in multiple locations!

Date: Monday, May 4, 2015 - 5:02 (Eastern)
Author: Trex_King

Hey everyone,

Just a heads up that Jurassic World : The Game is now available to most of the world currently only on iOS. The game syncs with Facebook for multiple device use. Check out our review from a few weeks back from myself who had access to the game a little earlier.

Things to add to the review :

- Noticed that the Mosasaur is now present in the backdrop as a shadow within the water.
- They have updated battle arena portraits also.
- Online player challenges are now available for the cost of 5 Dinobucks!

As soon as I have more information I will let everyone know. I am currently almost level 25 personally and despite the grind and slower levelling it has been quite enjoyable!



Jurassic World Video Contest

Date: Sunday, May 3, 2015 - 16:39 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

With Jurassic World just over a month away, we at Jurassic Park Legacy would like to invite you to take part in a video contest in which we want you to create Jurassic World videos so astounding that they will capture the imagination of the entire Community.

This is a contest for Jurassic Park Legacy members only, so be sure to join the forum and read the contest rules if you want to take part.

Get creating and good luck.

Yi qi: Bat-Winged Dinosaur Discovered in China!

Date: Friday, May 1, 2015 - 8:13 (Eastern)
Author: Trex_King

We have decided to get back into the Palaeontology News line again despite all the buzz around Jurassic World. So here we have a report on a newly discovered Bat-Winged Dinosaur : Yi qi.

The Article at Sci-news.com reports :

"A team of paleontologists, co-led by Dr Xing Xu and Dr Xiaoting Zheng of the Linyi University’s Institute of Geology and Paleontology, has discovered a bizarre new theropod dinosaur that lived in what is now China during the Middle-Upper Jurassic period, approximately 160 million years ago.

The prehistoric creature, scientifically named Yi qi, represents a new genus and species. It belongs to Scansoriopterygidae, an extinct family of maniraptorans theropod dinosaurs closely related to birds

The genus and species names are derived from Mandarin Chinese Yi (wing) and qi (strange), respectively, referring to the bizarre wings of this animal. The intended pronunciation of the name is roughly ‘ee chee.’

Yi qi had a stubby head, featherless wings (like in bats), long fingers and threadlike feather, which is quite different from the feather of any existing bird.

“Analysis of Yi qi’s flying ability shows it was capable of flying short distance between trees, or flying from tree tops to the ground,” said Dr Xu, who is the lead author of the paper published in the journal Nature.

Check the article out for more information. We are trying to get back into all aspects of Dinosaur related material, for all the Paleo buffs also! Stay tuned!

All credit to the guys at sci-news.com for the article.

Watch Jurassic World Trailer #2 here!

Date: Monday, April 20, 2015 - 11:07 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Review of Jurassic World: The Game!

Date: Sunday, April 12, 2015 - 11:17 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Jurassic World the Game is the movie tie-in/spiritual successor to Jurassic Park Builder, created by Ludia. Set on the luscious island of Isla Nublar. Like it’s predecessor, The objective of the game is simple. Create Dinosaurs, Challenge opponents in the Arena, Create your very own Jurassic World. Currently this game is exclusive to Mobile devices and looks to stay that way.
Ive only had hands on with the game for the last few hours, being available in Australia first, I will give a brief run down of what the game is about, the features, graphics and sound, List of species etc in the below Paragraphs.

Graphics and Sound
Overall the game is beautiful, Jurassic World has had a massive update graphically. The Dinosaurs are heavily detailed as is the Island and park building itself. Interesting enough the Island is actually shaped like Isla Nublar and is incredibly detailed for a mobile platform game. Some features include, Mountains, Streams, the current Jurassic World Visitor Area/center, an animated monorail display and for the hard core fans the Old Visitors centre in ruins up the top left corner of the Map. The music is reminiscent of Jurassic Park Builder and the Jurassic park franchise as a whole and would not surprise me if it is actually some of the sound material used within the movie itself. The sounds of the Dinosaurs leave a little more to be desired just like JPB the same generic Dinosaur sounds are used for all the species, Majungasaurus for example a new species to the game uses a lower toned bellow of a Tyrannosaur. Overall this does not take away from the experience of the game and personally has not bothered me thus far.

Gameplay is very similar to Jurassic Park Builder. The difference this time is that the unlocking of Dinosaurs is based heavily around advancing in the Arena. The game starts with a cinematic, a helicopter flying over Nublar with an animal cargo attached to it. It is dropped in the Arena and revealed as Majungasaur. Then it is up to you with your Faithful Triceratops to defeat the carnivore in the battle, after a small tutorial, defeating the animal unlocks it for purchase with the use of Dinosaur DNA points. This is a new currency introduced into the game used to search for additional animals after obtaining them in battle or Mystery packs ( I will explain them shortly). Food, Coins and Dinobucks make their return in the game, the only difference being with food not separated into Meat and Plants like the previous game. I feel this is a better option for the game as it was quite frustrating spending resources on upgrading both farms in the previous one when it could have been simplified with one. This will be further explained to you once you delve into the game during the feeding of the Dinosaurs. One of the animals is displayed in the enclosures at any given time but you can have up to 12 of each species in the exhibit. Leveling and evolving the Dinosaurs is relatively the same, with the exception of evolution. You must have two of the same Dinosaurs at the highest level in order to evolve one of them to the next level, the latter being sacrificed for the evolution. Each level of evolution has different colourations allowing you to switch between the colour displayed on the main gameplay screen.
The Arena Gameplay is simply stunning. Beautifully 3D animation allows a fluid and detailed experience during every fight. The mechanics work similar to the older game, being turn based combat with a few exceptions. You gather points similar to mana gems in the game of Hearthstone each turn, the person going second obtaining two from the start. You then have the choice of giving a point to attack, defend or stockpile for the next round. Selecting two points for attack will double your base attack score and if the opposing player has opted to defend them self for one point, the attack will remain at one times the base attack. One of the interesting mechanics that comes into play here is the animal types. There are four main types of Animals categorised in the game which include : carnivores, herbivores, pterosaurs and amphibians. Each type has an advantage/disadvantage over the other. An example of this is a Carnivore has a 50% increase of attack over Herbivores with the latter having a 50% decrease in attack against carnivores. The Arena is one of the highlights of the game, making it addictive and fun to play. A really cool feature unique to the new game is the ability to add the Brawlasaur toys coming soon to stores into the game. You can scan the Dinosaur into the game using the camera and use the animal in the battle itself, more to come on this as the time goes on!.

Character and Dinosaur Listing
Given that this is a movie adaption of the game, most of the films major characters are present in the game. Ranging from Owen and Claire, Vic Hoskins and even the man Simon Masrani himself!
No cameos from older characters from the franchise are present at this time and will most likely be kept that way.
Now on to the part that everyone has been waiting for…. The Dinosaurs!! I will list below all the available animals thus far from launch. Before anyone gets their hopes up, Indominus Rex is not available in the game thus far, but I feel that it will be released as the time goes on after the release or closer to the film. Let the list begin!
Tyrannosaurus Rex
As you can see above quite a large variety of Dinosaurs/Prehistoric reptiles even I have not heard of before and I'm sure there are more to come.

First Thoughts Conclusion
Overall, Jurassic World the Game is a visually stunning, enjoyable mobile game that so far serves greatly to the franchise of both Jurassic Park/World. Much of the problems that exist in Jurassic Park Builder have been solved while a few launch bugs have caused some drama which I am sure will be fixed shortly. I recommend this to any fan of the franchise and to those who enjoy world builder games alike to add to their collection. Currently only available on higher end iOS devices the game will surely come to Google Play soon. I hope everyone has enjoyed my first initial review of Jurassic World the game and look forward to everything with the final run up to the release of the movie itself! Happy Gaming!!

Joshua Smith
JPL Administrator

Watch the First clip from Jurassic World here!

Date: Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 0:07 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

The first clip from Jurassic World has premiered on MTV! Watch it here, via Comic Book Resources!

Omar Sy gives character details in new Jurassic World interview!

Date: Friday, March 6, 2015 - 11:53 (Eastern)
Author: Sickle_Claw

Of all the characters in Jurassic World, none have been more mysterious so far then Omar Sy's character in the movie. However, the Director of Jurassic World, Colin Trevorrow has now recently granted an interview with the French magazine 'Premiere' granting us some more knowledge about his character in the film.

Trevorrow describes in the interview several intriguing bits about the role his character plays in the characters plot, as well as tantalizing hints about his scene. Trevorrow describes Omar's role as being specifically written for him,, and indicated that it would be a much larger role then many fans had previously speculated due to his limited time in the trailer. The following is a rough translation of the original french.
"He works in Chris's orders, he is also a trainer of the Velociraptors. Once Chris, the chief trainer, finished his job, he takes the raptors in their cages, he cherishes it, check their teeth, that kind of stuff. It has a very personal relationship with them. There is this great scene with Vincent d'Onofrio where Omar speaks French to raptors, Vincent pretended to understand but in fact he does not understand... "I assumed that it is French, I have not tried to Americanize. It has a great action scene. Everything he expressed his close relationship with the raptors."

So from the article we can deduce that Omar Sy's character works with Owen Grady in the training of Velociraptors. Not only that, he helps take care of them, seeming to make sure that the raptors are well groomed. In addition, the mention of a personal relationship is interesting as it implies that it is not only Chris Pratt's character that will be close to the raptors. Lastly, it hints at D'onofrio's character, where he just plays along with understanding French, but really being out of the loop. It may be interesting to know why.

In addition, Colin Trevorrow gave a tantalizing hint about the fate of his character.

"This is not a generic role.. in X-Men Days of Future Past, anyone could have played Bishop, I find that they ruined his incredible personality. "And is he going to die? "Ah ah, no, everyone expects him to die: I think you'll like destiny that he has booked Nobody wants to kill Omar."

This is especially interesting due to the fact that in past interviews, Chris Pratt and Colin Trevorrow have been vocal about Omar Sy being friends with Chris Pratt's character. This relationship may carry to future movies then if Omar Sy is really safe for the movie.

Excited about his role in the movie? Discuss it on our forums!

New Podcast Available!

Date: Sunday, February 15, 2015 - 18:12 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

We did a new podcast today, be sure to check it out here.

Hasbro Reveals Line up at Toy Fair

Date: Friday, February 13, 2015 - 14:07 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

ComingSoon posted pictures of a more final look at the toys, you can see them here.

Presenting PalaeoVerse

Date: Friday, February 6, 2015 - 10:09 (Eastern)
Author: Tyrannosaur

A new edutainment series about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. I'm part of this project and serve as a producer, consultant, and script supervisor. I highly recommend it especially if you're into paleontology as a whole.

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