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Behind the Scenes Tour

The Visitors Center is where the tour begins. Guests are welcomed up its regal stairs, with waterfalls and plants to the sides, opening up to a two story rotunda. Two 50-foot long museum quality skeletons inhabit the lobby, a tyrannosaurus and alamasaurus, frozen forever in time in a dramatic pose. Alcoves set into the walls provide scientific information about the attractions. Also on the first floor is the Gallimimus Gift Shop, as well as the Cretaceous Café, which has both indoor and outdoor commodities.

Located on the second floor is the Showcase Theater. Here, visitors are shown a short film which explains how Jurassic Park came to be. Set upon hydraulics, the room rotates to show visitors the island’s Laboratory/Hatchery, Control Room, and Nursery. A formal dining room is also located on the second floor. Meeting rooms are available on both floors and come equipped with projectors and screens.