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Containment Systems

A 24-foot tall electrified fence, creating a 22 mile perimeter, circles the animal range area of the park, separating the dinosaurs from the human compound areas. Each individual paddock is in turn separated by 24-foot tall electric fences.

Fences separating the main tour road from the paddocks range in size. For the most docile animals, namely the herbivores, a 12-foot deep moat provides a barrier. More dangerous animals, carnivores ranging from 1 to 10 feet tall, are separated from the road by a 5-foot tall electric fence. The two largest species in the park, the tyrannosaurus and baryonyx, have 24-foot electric fences as well as 30-foot deep moats to separate them from the road system.

In total the fences cover a distance of 50 miles, and all carry 10,000 volts. While not fatal to medium and larger sized dinosaurs, even brushing against the fence will cause them to cease any escape attempt.