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Isla Nublar has two hotels for visitors to stay at during their vacation.

Safari Lodge
The Safari Lodge is a Five-Star resort located on a 100-foot tall cliff. It overlooks the brachiosaurs and parasaurs located in the southern herbivore paddock, providing a magnificent view of the dinosaurs 24 hours a day. The hotel contains 350 suites, a large ballroom, conference rooms, banquet facilities, and a restaurant (the head chief is Chief Tony Karom). Included are a spa and health club,tennis courts, pool, and indoor skating rink. John Hammond’s private art collection is also on display.

Iguanodon Inn
The Iguanodon Inn is located next to the golf course west of the Visitors Center. Containing 600 rooms, this hotel is more popular with families. The entire hotel is built around a jungle motif, complete with a jungle in the lobby. Children 12 and under are able to ride a monorail which circles the hotel. Located on the second floor is an video arcade as well as a nightclub. An outdoor pool is also available. The hotel also features four restaurants for a wide variety of foods.