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Safari Tour

The parks main tour shows visitors 13 of the 15 dinosaur species. Visitors take the tour in customized Ford Explorers. These vehicles, which transport two to four visitors at a time, are completely electric and run along a cable in the ground, creating absolutely no pollution.

The tour follows a set pattern, as seen below.

1. Dilophosaurus Paddock (1)
2. Primary Herbivore Paddock (brachiosaurus and parasaurolophus)
3. Gallimimus Paddock
4. Baryonyx Paddock
5. Dilophosaurus Paddock (3)
6. Tyrannosaurus Paddock
7. Metriacanthosaurus Paddock
8. Triceratops Paddock (1)
9. Dilophosaurus Paddock (2)
10. Herrerasaurus Paddock
11. Dilophosaurus Paddock (1)
12. Primary Herbivore Paddock
13. Gallimimus Paddock
14. Stegosaurus Paddock
15. Triceratops Paddock (2)
16. Proceratosaurus Paddock
17. Dilophosaurus Paddock (1)

The tour begins as the vehicles pass through the main gate. Richard Kiley narrates your tour, providing information on all the dinosaurs. The entire tour lasts approximately 1½ hours. Visitors with heart problems or high blood pressure, those with a history of medical illnesses such as seizures or strokes, people prone to faint at the site of blood, or those who are pregnant are advised to skip this tour.