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Computer Surveillance

Jurassic Park uses the latest and most advanced computer technology. Two computers in the Control Room are capable of feeding and filling the water troughs of dinosaurs for 48 hours without human supervision.

Animal tracking is achieved by two separate sources: visual imaging and motion sensors. Once every 15 minutes computers use up to date ID photos of all 238 individuals to tally the animals in all categories. A large map of the island within the Control Room verifies their locations with points of light, numbered with a code for each dinosaur. The map is updated every 30 seconds. In the event that an animal is missing an alarm will sound within five minutes.

Motion sensors cover 92% of the land area. They provide a back-up source for animal location. If an animal wanders into an unsensored zone, or if there is no movement within a paddock for twelve hours, an alarm will sound to alert park security.